3. Phase #3

So after about a year of letting my nails heal and one baby later, I had no idea what to do with them. Now not only did I not want to destroy my nails again, but I had no time or money, thanks to my precious newborn, to get my nails done. So now I found myself in the nail aisle in Walmart looking at my options, which included stickers, glue on nails and nail polish. After some trial and error, and a few YouTube videos later, I found the perfect solution.

The KISS brand glue on nails are amazing. File the nail beds, rub down with alcohol, add nail glue to the fake nails and one dot to your own nails and there is it is: amazing nails that last 2 weeks! Unfortunately, like before, it was just a temporary solution. After about a year of this, I started getting fungus growing on my nail beds from having moisture build up under the fake nails. My nails were also flaking badly from the constant ripping off of the fake nails every 2 weeks. So once again I stopped all nail beautification to let my nails heal.

Phase #4
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