This St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Will Make Others Green with Envy ...


St. Patrick's Day is a really fun holiday because it centers around having a good time and partying. Wearing green is an obvious choice on March 17th, but you don't have to stop with your clothes. You can do some totally epic green nail art that will stop people in their tracks. Here are all the ideas you need. Have fun!

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Adorable Shamrocks

Adorable Shamrocks Source: Nail art for St. Patrick's


Polka Dots and Sparkles

Polka Dots and Sparkles Source: Saturday Obsession: St. Patrick's Day


Green and Gold

Green and Gold Source: St Patricks Day Nails Pictures


Pot O' Gold

Pot O' Gold Source: KayleighOC


Double Green Shamrocks

Double Green Shamrocks Source: st-patrick's-day-nails Tumblr


Green with Some Bling

Green with Some Bling Source: nails-for-st-patricks-day Tumblr


Something Totally Different

Something Totally Different Source: St. Patrick’s Day Rilakkuma nail


Fun Green Pattern

Fun Green Pattern Source: Finger Nail Art


A Little Bit of Ireland

A Little Bit of Ireland Source: The Most (Sham-)Rockin' Nail Designs


Shine and Glitter

Shine and Glitter Source: 17 Cute St. Patrick’s Day


Green Water Marbling

Green Water Marbling Source: fuck yeah nail art!


Perfect Kelly Green

Perfect Kelly Green Source: Category


Rainbow and Leprechaun

Rainbow and Leprechaun Source: This website is currently unavailable


Perfect Gold Dots on Green

Perfect Gold Dots on Green Source: LacqLustre: March 2013


Green on Gold

Green on Gold Source: A St. Patrick's Day DIY


Green Glitter Ombre

Green Glitter Ombre Source: 5 DIY St. Patrick's Day


One Tiny Shamrock

One Tiny Shamrock Source:


A Little Bit of Everything

A Little Bit of Everything Source: DIY This Festive St. Patrick's


Family of Leprechauns

Family of Leprechauns Source: The Most (Sham-)Rockin' Nail Designs


Really Cool Effect

Really Cool Effect Source: Blingfinger: St. Patrick's Day Nail


Awesome Green Geometric

Awesome Green Geometric Source: manicurator: Salon Perfect St. Patrick's

Which one is your absolute favorite? How do you plan to spend your St. Patrick's Day this year?

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# 13 is really cute rainbow, leprechaun and pot of gold nails ADORABLE

While most of these are fun, classy, or cool, some folks need to throttle back the green! It gets overwhelming!

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