7 Steps to the Perfect at Home Manicure ...


7 Steps to the Perfect at Home Manicure ...
7 Steps to the Perfect at Home Manicure ...

It is one of the tragedies in our beauty-related lives that most of us can’t afford to head to the salon every time we need or want a manicure! With finances to think about, we are left at home to our own devices, and you know just as well as I do than unless you have professional training, you just can’t achieve that same level of quality! That is, of course, unless you are equipped with the right tips and tricks to succeed! Here are the seven key steps to the perfect home manicure.

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Essential Products

There is nothing worse than starting your nails and then realising you don’t have everything you need. In your home kit, you should always have good supplies of polish, base coat, top coat, nail file, and buffer! If you have these key items, then you should be ready to go whenever you need to.


File down

It’s always good form to file down your nails before you begin the main event, because it lays the foundation for a well shaped and neat manicure. You don’t want to have to file when the polish is already on because there could be an issue with chipping.



The next stage is to buff your nails. Doing this ensures that your nails will be as shiny as possible when the polish is applied. Buff lightly so as not to cause any damage, and always do so in a nice steady circular motion.



It is important that you take care of your cuticles. A good manicure isn’t just about adding neat colour to your nails. Buy and use a replenishing oil that will keep everything hydrated and nourished. This is particularly important if you happen to have nails that have a hard time growing.


Quality Polish

You will notice that there is a huge price range in terms of nail polish in stores, and the only thing I will say is don’t expect to get great results from dirt cheap brands. The better quality your polish is, the better it will look and feel on your nails. You should only have to go with two coats for complete coverage.


Top Coat

Top coat is essential for sealing in the colour of your polish and ensuring that it lasts for a long time. Think about what you want your nails to look like, because there are top coats that retain a great shine, and there are top coats that deliver a more matte looking finish too.



The trick is in doing a little upkeep across the week. Don’t use harsh hand sanitizer to wash your hands, instead opt for a milder soap. And you can always apply a fresh layer of top coat when you think that you need to help the colour to last for that extra couple of days.

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