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The Only 26 Nail Polish Hacks You Need in Your Life ...

By Neecey

From making your own various types of polish to various foolproof ways of removing it, there are some clever nail polish hacks that you can have fun with and that can also give you a better manicure.

Table of contents:

  1. Put your nail polish in the fridge for 15 min before applying
  2. Give your nails a marble effect by swirling two polishes together and rolling your nail over the edge of the spoon
  3. Apply elmer’s glue with a thin paint brush, which peels off to reveal a perfect manicure
  4. Diy glitter polish
  5. A dry quick tip
  6. How to repair
  7. Make a gel manicure last longer
  8. Diy shellac hack
  9. Paint vaseline around fingernails before applying polish, doubles as a softening moisturizer as well as prevents paint or polish on skin
  10. Create a marbled effect by using drops of swirled nail polish and a cup of water
  11. Get full cover glitter topcoat by sponging it on
  12. Spray nonstick cooking spray on your nails to help the polish dry faster
  13. Use a cotton swab to wipe down your nails with white vinegar before applying basecoat...
  14. How to make a matte topcoat
  15. Diy - glow in the dark nail polish
  16. Follow this diagram to imitate how professional manicurists apply nail polish
  17. Spread petroleum jelly around the lip of the bottle to prevent the polish from it drying shut
  18. Make your own nail polish from eyeshadow
  19. How to remove glitter polish effectively
  20. Use glue for easy glitter nail polish removal
  21. Nail polish bottle dried shut? secure a rubber band around the cap to help you get a better grip while twisting it open
  22. Make a nail polish remover jar
  23. How to make your own tilted stand for nail polish bottles
  24. Best ever method of removing nail polish
  25. Turn any nail polish into glitter nail polish
  26. Apply a coat of white before neon for color that really pops

1 Put Your Nail Polish in the Fridge for 15 Min before Applying

2 Give Your Nails a Marble Effect by Swirling Two Polishes Together and Rolling Your Nail over the Edge of the Spoon

3 Apply Elmer’s Glue with a Thin Paint Brush, Which Peels off to Reveal a Perfect Manicure

4 DIY Glitter Polish

5 A Dry Quick Tip

6 How to Repair

7 Make a Gel Manicure Last Longer

8 DIY Shellac Hack

9 Paint Vaseline around Fingernails before Applying Polish, Doubles as a Softening Moisturizer as Well as Prevents Paint or Polish on Skin

10 Create a Marbled Effect by Using Drops of Swirled Nail Polish and a Cup of Water

11 Get Full Cover Glitter Topcoat by Sponging It on

12 Spray Nonstick Cooking Spray on Your Nails to Help the Polish Dry Faster


14 How to Make a Matte Topcoat

15 DIY - Glow in the Dark Nail Polish

16 Follow This Diagram to Imitate How Professional Manicurists Apply Nail Polish

17 Spread Petroleum Jelly around the Lip of the Bottle to Prevent the Polish from It Drying Shut

18 Make Your Own Nail Polish from Eyeshadow

19 How to Remove Glitter Polish Effectively

20 Use Glue for Easy Glitter Nail Polish Removal

21 Nail Polish Bottle Dried Shut? Secure a Rubber Band around the Cap to Help You Get a Better Grip While Twisting It Open

22 Make a Nail Polish Remover Jar

23 How to Make Your Own Tilted Stand for Nail Polish Bottles

24 Best Ever Method of Removing Nail Polish

25 Turn Any Nail Polish into Glitter Nail Polish

26 Apply a Coat of White before Neon for Color That Really Pops

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