5 Greatest πŸ™Œ Nail Care πŸ’… Tips for Your Most πŸ’― Beautiful 😍 Nails Yet ...


I'm here with the best care tips for beautiful nails. When it comes to perfecting a health and beauty regime, one of the trickiest areas to master is definitely nail care. Sure, we all know what colours of polish we like, and we have all learnt the different ways that allow us to paint them most effectively, but what about the actual health of the nail as well as the aesthetic beauty? Unfortunately, quite often, too much of a focus on the decoration can lead to problems with the health of the nail and the surrounding skin, so it’s important to be aware of just how you can make sure that everything in that department stays as healthy as possible. To help you achieve this perfection, here are five of the best care tips for beautiful nails.

1. Clean and Exfoliate

We are really good at cleaning and exfoliating our faces, but not so much our nails. The skin around your nail beds is constantly shedding cells through everyday wear and tear, and this can accumulate to clog pores around that area just like on your face. You can exfoliate around your nails using a little bit of soap and a toothbrush, scrubbing gently to dislodge and remove all of the dead cells. This is definitely one of the best care tips for beautiful nails.

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