Super Simple DIY Remedies for Girls in Need of Cuticle Care ...


Super Simple DIY Remedies for Girls in Need of Cuticle Care ...
Super Simple DIY Remedies for Girls in Need of Cuticle Care ...

There are any number of reasons why you might have ragged cuticles. Maybe you work in a restaurant or daycare where you wash your hands many times every day. Perhaps you have dry skin and your cuticles suffer along with the rest of your body. No matter why your cuticles are worn out, you can do some simple treatments at home to restore them to their original shape and keep them healthy and beautiful.

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Use Oils for Splendid Cuticles

yellow, fashion accessory, finger, product design, hand, Part of the reason why cuticles get so ragged is because they need to be moisturized. Often your hand lotion can get the job done, but sometimes your cuticles need a little more than that. Try massaging oil into them once or twice a week and they should be back to normal in no time. Try coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. They’ll all do the trick.


Keep Your Cuticles Pushed Back All the Time

nail, finger, hand, eyelash, jewellery, When you maintain your cuticles and take care of them, they stay healthier and look better. Pushing your cuticles back regularly helps prevent them from getting snagged or torn, which helps your entire hand look healthy and lovely. Use a gentle orange stick or your fingernails to carefully push the cuticles down and you should be good to go. Just don’t cut them because that can lead to an infection.


Try a Cuticle Eraser to Stubborn Skin

nail, finger, hand, nail care, manicure, Got some cuticle skin that doesn’t want to be pushed back or that is super thick? You might need something intensive to get rid of it. Try a cuticle eraser, which contains alpha hydroxy acid, an ingredient that will soften and dissolve your cuticles so they are healthy and easy to remove. Just don’t use this product too often or you could end up with dry, cracked skin at your nail bed.


Bandage Them up While You Sleep

red, nail, finger, hand, nail care, If your cuticles are cracked and bloody, it’s time to do some first aid to heal them. When you go to bed at night, apply antiseptic to clean your cuticles. Then apply an antibiotic cream to the affected areas. Cover your cuticles with a bandage and then go to bed. While you sleep, your cuticles can repair and heal.


Use Honey on Your Cuticles

finger, nail, hand, manicure, nail care, Honey is incredibly healing, which makes it a fabulous choice for repairing ragged cuticles and restoring them to their former glory. Simply massage a dab of honey into each of your cuticles and let it soak in for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash the honey off your fingers with mild soap and warm water, then moisturize really well, paying special attention to your cuticles.


Moisturize Several Times per Day

nail, finger, nail care, hand, manicure, Washing your hands is just a normal part of your daily routine, but it can leave your skin dry and your cuticles ragged. Get into the habit of applying lotion every time you wash your hands and you can stop the problem right in its tracks. Keep a bottle of lotion by your sink at home and a tube in your bag at work so that you’re never caught without it when you need it.


Make an Appointment with Your Dermatologist

flower, rose, rose family, flower bouquet, cut flowers, When all else fails, it might be time to see your dermatologist. She can diagnose serious issues and prescribe stronger treatments than you might have tried in the past. If nothing seems to be working, or the problem gets worse, make an appointment right away.

Do you have ragged cuticles? What do you do to treat them?

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