Tips for Making Your Pedicure Last Longer in Summer ...


It’s such a bummer when you go to put on your favorite sandals, only to find out that your pedicure is chipped or faded. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to preserve your pedicure and make it last much, much longer. Once you start using these easy tips, you’ll never have to worry that you’ll have to resort to flats to cover up a worn out pedicure. Give them a try – you’re going to love them all!

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Dazzle with More Topcoat Every Couple of Days

Your topcoat is designed to protect your polish so reapplying it every few days makes that protection last longer. When your polish starts to fade, the top clear coat will start to go first, so continually refreshing it helps keep the color underneath bright and shiny. You can find quick drying topcoats at any drugstore so you can get the job done quickly.


Moisturize Your Feet All the Time

Even if your polish looks fine, cracked, dry feet are going to make it look horrible. Just like the skin anywhere else on your body, the skin on your feet needs hydration often. Applying lotion at least once a day helps keep the skin soft and supple so that it always provides the perfect backdrop for your summery pedicure.


Limit Time in the Pool

If you live in the pool during the summer, you can probably blame the chlorine in the water for messing with your pedicure. This chemical fades your color and saturates the polish so it chips or flakes off sooner. Limit how much time you spend in the pool and your pedicure should last much longer.


Become a Convert to Gel Polish

According to the experts, gel nail polish lasts a lot longer than your average bottle. It’s designed to hold up to wear and tear and anything else you throw its way during the summer months. Gel polish is going to cost you a bit more, but you’ll be so happy with the results that’ll it be totally worth it. You can find a fun range of summery gel polish colors at any drugstore.


Cuticle Oil is a Total Miracle

When you’re cuticles are ragged and torn, it doesn’t really matter what your toenails look like because the ugly cuticles will ruin your pedicure. For that reason, you need to start applying cuticle oil to your toes. It will keep the skin there hydrated, soft and smooth so your toes will always look their best.


Make the Beach Work for You

Next time you’re standing on the shore, make the sand work for you. Dig your feet down into it and move them around a bit. The sand acts as a natural exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and uncovering the soft, smooth skin underneath. If you don’t live near the ocean, try this in your kids’ sandbox or use a foot exfoliator product from the store instead. You won’t be sorry.


Put on Some Socks Now and then

I absolutely abhor wearing socks when it’s hot outside, but the truth is that they can protect your pedicure. Try wearing socks sometimes and you will notice that your polish lasts longer and your skin is softer and smoother. Better yet, slather your feet in moisturizer or petroleum jelly before putting the socks on and you’ll have super soft feet when you take them off and trade them out for sandals.

How do you make your pedicure last longer?

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