Signs It's Time to Throw out Your Nail Polish ...

You can't keep your favorite nail polishes forever. Sometimes, you have to bite the bullet and throw them out. According to Bustle, here are a few signs that it's time to throw out your nail polish:

1. It Won't Blend

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If you shake your nail polish bottle, it should blend together. "Polish should last for up to two years once opened, but if it's still separated and won't blend after a quick shake, toss it."

2. It's Crumbly

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If you forget to tighten the cap on the bottle, then there might be little flakes of polish on the top of it. When that happens, your nail polish is as good as ruined.

3. The Bottle Won't Open

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If you can't open the bottle, then how are you going to use it? Don't waste your time trying to make it budge, because the polish probably won't come out all that great anyway.

4. Polish You Keep "Just Because"

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If you're never going to wear it, then why are you letting it take up space in your bathroom? If you think the color is ugly, then throw the bottle in the trash.

5. Glitter Polish That's "Globby"

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If you can't seem to spread the polish across your nails, then it's unusable. That means there's no sense in keeping it around.

6. Too Many Polishes of the Same Shade

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You don't need ten bottles of pink nail polish. You're never going to use it all. Get rid of the ones you don't like as much and keep the ones that you prefer.

What color nail polish are you currently wearing?

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