Coachella Nail Art Inspos to Rock This Year ...


Coachella Nail Art Inspos to Rock  This Year ...
Coachella Nail Art Inspos to Rock  This Year ...

Woohoo, Coachella is here and we couldn't be more excited! Well...the only thing that could be more exciting is deciding what nail art trend to rock while you're there, am I right? Right now we're loving the colourful nail art all over Instagram, so why not steal some serious nail art inspo to make your Coachella experience all that much better?! Keep scrolling for our top picks, all thanks to refinery29!

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Tie Dye

We had a million of these weird balls, and yet we never thought to match our nails to them for some serious Coachella nail art! A missed opportunity, indeed.



nail, finger, color, nail care, nail polish,@nailartbysig

Throw it back with some Woodstock vibes.



You'll have the coolest Instagram pic to come out of the pool party with this look.




Sunny yellow polish and tie-dye swirls are instant mood lifters.



nail, finger, nail polish, nail care, pink,@clairelofthouse

This one has us craving a Creamsicle.



color, nail, finger, nail care, blue,@lisawood_wpgnails

Turn your rainbow into a spider web for a trippy, and badass, effect.



Watch how it's done, then test-drive it yourself.

Which one of these Coachella nail trends did you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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