Nail Art Tutorials for the Festive Season ...


Nail Art Tutorials for the Festive Season ...
Nail Art Tutorials for the Festive Season ...

Christmas is the time when we will all be donning our finery and this also means indulging in a little festive nail art. We all like to dress up and sparkle at Christmas and this list of fabulously festive nail art tutorials will add that finishing touch to your look.

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If you're dreaming of a white Christmas then you will love this snowman tutorial. What could be more festive than snowmen? This is one of my favorite festive nail art tutorials as it's super cute and simple to do.



Remember, Santa Claus is coming to town with his big list of those who have been naughty and nice. How about having Santa nails?


Gingerbread Man

I will certainly be indulging in gingerbread lattes and gingerbread houses this Christmas, how about you? I love these gingerbread inspired nails.



Christmas is the time when everyone strategically places themselves under the mistletoe when their crush is around. How about having some mistletoe on your nails and lifting your hand above your beau's head as a mistletoe alternative? Ok, he might think it's a bit weird but you will have fabulously festive nails!


Christmas Snowflakes

Once you get over the fact that the description calls these Christmas 'sowflakes' rather than 'snowflakes,' you can appreciate the beauty of this nail design.


Christmas Sweater

Hands up if you will be wearing your holiday sweater Christmas day. How about accompanying your Christmas sweater with some holiday nails?


Holly Nails

These holly nails are beautiful and detailed. Will you be trying this one this festive season?


Oh Christmas Tree

What could be more Christmassy than Christmas tree nails?! This one is easy to do if you're in a rush.


Candy Cane

For the sweetest nails imaginable, indulge in a little red and white candy cane festivity.


Santa Hats

Christmas is the time for the silly attire and it seems that every shop you go into has an assistant or two donning a tinsel scarf or the ubiquitous Santa hat. I think it's great and it gets everyone in the mood for Christmas. However, if you prefer something a little more low-key, how about Santa hats on your nails?



Reindeer are super cute and they work so hard running around and transporting Santa's gifts. How about paying homage to the gorgeous reindeer with these cute nails?


Santa and Elf Suit

As well as the reindeers, Santa has help from his loyal elves. I love this simple nail art design.


Christmas Gift Wrap Nails

This is one of my favorite nail art designs. How about gift wrapping your nails this festive season? And how cute will it look when you're unwrapping all your gorgeous gifts?!


Christmas Pudding

There are those who love Christmas pudding and those who hate it. I am one of the Christmas pudding lovers and I may show my love of this festive pud to the world by decorating my nails with this design.


Winter Design

This winter design is so classy and will look great with any outfit.

There are so many ways to decorate your nails this Christmas. Which is your favorite festive nail art and how will you be decorating your nails this Christmas?

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I've been needing to have some ideas from others to use the nail polish I recently had from the white elephant gift exchange at the Christmas party.

D is voor dazzle

Awesome videos, hopefully I learned something! Beautiful ideas!!

The snowflake nail art on your banner belongs to Cara from Fox Claws! You can follow her on IG, Facebook and her blog!! Just wanted to give some credit! :)

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