The Fiercest Feather Nail Art You'll Ever See ...


Don't you just love nail art? Me too! I'm into the sophisticated stuff and feathers fit the bill just right. Are you with me? Feathers are fairly easy to make because they are basically just a bunch of lines to form the feather shape. That makes them a great choice for beginners. Need some inspiration? Here you go!

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Rainbow Feather

Rainbow Feather Don't you just love the colors here?


Add Some Birds

Add Some Birds Birds are the perfect thing to go with feathers.


Black on White

Black on White This is really pretty, don't you think?


Peacock Feathers

Peacock Feathers The colors here are perfect with the peacock feathers.


Gold Feathers

Gold Feathers The gold feathers look awesome on the black background!


Totally Realistic

Totally Realistic Do you think you could do this?


Pink, Gold and White

Pink, Gold and White Don't you love this color combination?


A Touch of Glitter

A Touch of Glitter Peacocks are trendy right now and this look lets you get in on it.


Mint Green Background

Mint Green Background I love this one, don't you?



Dreaming This design gives you a great reminder to follow your dreams.


Pretty Dream Catchers

Pretty Dream Catchers Feathers and dream catchers just go together perfectly.


Pastel Ombre Background

Pastel Ombre Background This background is the perfect color for black feathers and birds.


Shiny Feathers

Shiny Feathers This is so pretty!


Gorgeous Burgundy with Gold

Gorgeous Burgundy with Gold Looking for something with some drama? This should do it for her.


Something Funky

Something Funky This is different, but the colors and pattern are really fun!


Pink and Yellow

Pink and Yellow This background is so fun! And those tiny feathers? Adorable!


Stripes, Dots and Feathers

Stripes, Dots and Feathers Black, turquoise and silver is the perfect color combination for feather nail art.


Feathery and Colorful

Feathery and Colorful Looking for some color in your life? Try this fabulous feather!


Perfect Peacock

Perfect Peacock I think this one is my favorite! What about you?


Tiny Bits of Bling

Tiny Bits of Bling Itty bitty rhinestones make your feather nail art just about as perfect as it gets.


Go with Some Glitter

Go with Some Glitter Every day is better with some glitter!

Which design do you love best? Think you can copy it?

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