10 Essential Tips to Have Gorgeous Nails ...


10 Essential Tips to Have Gorgeous Nails ...
10 Essential Tips to Have Gorgeous Nails ...

Every girl who wants amazing nails should make wise decisions when caring for them on a regular basis! Keep reading for a few top tips on how you can get amazing and healthy nails!

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Use a Base Coat

Protect your nails before you add nail polish by using a couple of coats of your favourite base coat. Nail polish is notorious for ruining nails and causes them to weaken and dry out, so a base coat is definitely an essential!


Use a Top Coat

This acts as a protective layer after you've added nail polish. It will protect the polish from those dreaded chips which ruin the look entirely, maintain the colour nicely and makes your polish long lasting.


Use a Non-acetone Remover

Opt for a non-acetone remover when you remove your polish as this will do little (to none) damage to your nails. Acetone is a harsh chemical which often nails break, weaken and dry as a result.

Always make sure you remove nail polish with a small cotton ball and gently press on each nail before slowly moving upwards towards the tip. Resist the urge to swipe back and forth as this will do more harm than good.


Use a Nail Buffer Block

A nail buffer has a similar texture to sand paper with four sides. Each side has a different purpose for your nails but you should aim to use all of them to reap the benefits!

Rub it against your nails to get rid of any ridges and scratches while it smooths them over and turns them super shiny. This is great for the occasional use (when your nails need some tightening and polishing up) but don't over-use as it can damage your nails.


Use a Metal Nail File

Never 'saw' back and forth and always file in the same direction for each hand. For your left hand it's important to file towards the left and for your right hand file towards the right.

It's a good idea to file on a slight angle for the sides of the nail and create a nice arch at the highest point (like this: up, across, down), this will make your nail an oval shape which is ideal for preventing chips and those dreaded 'splinters' and hang nails which you ultimately have no choice but to cut.

Use the pointed tip to get dirt and other gross things out from under your nails. You should do this regularly to keep them clean and healthy, but is especially true for those with long nails!


Use a Cuticle Oil

These are generally quite cheap and very easy to use so there's no excuse to not have one! I recommend buying one which looks like a thick pen with a tip much like a highlighter.

For these, all you have to do is 'draw' on each nail and leave it to dry for the following 10 minutes (remember not to touch anything or it will come off).

These are meant to be used on a regular basis so your nails are always nourished and kept in healthy condition.


Use Clear Nail Polish

A major benefit of using clear nail polish is that you don't have to worry about chipping because it won't show, but since it's nail polish you should still use a base coat underneath (and top coat is optional).


Use Nail Separators

There's nothing worse than trying to paint your toenails and they keep touching each other, ruining your nice handiwork!
Separators are little, foam-like items which are super cheap and will save you a lot of hassle when used. All you have to do is slide them on each foot before getting to work on your polish. You won't have to worry about the others accidently touching the polish before it's dried and starting over!


Use Light Polish Shades, Avoid Darks and Glitters

Light shades of nail polish are great since there's no chance of the colour 'leaking' or 'staining' your nail. Another bonus is that they come off relatively easy with a cotton ball and non-acetone remover (leaving your nails exactly how they were beforehand).

Avoid dark shades (black and brown) and vibrant shades (red, orange, yellow, blue) as these will often leak and stain your nails. This is especially true if you forget to use a base coat before you started painting and the end result may be damage to your nails and a nasty, obvious discoursed stain.


Use Nail Scissors

These are essential for getting rid of those awful hang nails, chip and 'splinters' which often threaten to ruin your whole nail!

Stand under good lighting to snip the danger area, but be careful to only remove this part and not any other part of your nail. It's a good idea to always file your nails after you've been snipping to smooth it over and allow it to return to that lovely oval shape.

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wow, these are marvelous tips!

Ever since I became a bagger my nails have suckedddddd

What a good tip about filing the nails up-across-down.But I still like dark and glitter nail polish. With a base coat underneath the dark nail polish doesn't leave stains. And to remove glitter I just soak each nail in non-acetone nail remover, so the glitters come off easily.

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