Iridescent Nail Inspiration to Make Yourself Shimmer ...

By Eliza

Iridescent Nail Inspiration to Make Yourself Shimmer ...

Holographic nail polish is a hot trend right now and it's one you can try without having to spend a ton of money. Nail polish, after all, isn't a huge investment. And the best thing about it is that if you try it and don't like it, you can easily take it off and try something else. Here are some great options to experiment with. Let me know how it goes!

1 Shiny Blue

Shiny Blue
A little bit of sparkle makes this shiny polish just about perfect.

2 Silver Top Coat

Silver Top Coat
Make any polish holographic by topping it with this.

"If you're looking for a fresh, trendy, and eye-catching manicure idea, consider trying out the increasingly popular red ombre nails. This nail art trend blend tones to create a stunning gradient effect that is sure to make a fashion statement. Let your nails express your fierce personality and radiant charm!"

3 Emerald Green

Emerald Green
Green polish is trendy and this holographic one is a good one to add to your collection.

4 Perfect Silver Color

Perfect Silver Color
This silver color will make any outfit so much better.

5 Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic
This polish is loaded with holographic flecks that really make it stand out.

6 Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink
Don't want to branch out into crazy holographic colors? Try this really cool pink!

7 Royal Purple

Royal Purple
Don't you just love this color?

8 Shimmery Top Coat

Shimmery Top Coat
This top coat will make any color shimmer in the best way.

10 Holographic Brown

Holographic Brown
You might not think brown is a good polish color choice, but this shiny one sure is.

11 A Little Touch of Rainbow

A Little Touch of Rainbow
You'll love the little bit of rainbow this shiny polish has mixed in.

12 Something Subtle
This subtle dash of holographic color is perfect for any occasion.

13 Colored Top Coat

Colored Top Coat
Paint this fabulous color over white polish for the awesomest holographic look you've ever seen.

14 Double Color Effect

Double Color Effect
Don't you love how there are two awesome colors blended into this polish?

15 Multicolored and Lovely

Multicolored and Lovely
Check out all the fabulous color in one bottle of polish.

16 Halo Hues Polish

Halo Hues Polish
With a name like this one, you've gotta add this color to your collection.

17 Rose Gold

Rose Gold
Rose gold is trending in a big way right now. Get it on that with this great polish color.

18 Gold and Green

Gold and Green
I love how the blues and greens blend with the gold, don't you?

19 A Shot of Green

A Shot of Green
Crazy nail colors are hot right now and this one makes a great choice for nail art.

20 Kind of Girly

Kind of Girly
This beautiful color is great for any day or night.

21 Fun with Blue

Fun with Blue
This entrancing blue is one you'll never get tired of wearing.

Which of these holographic colors are you dying to wear first?

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Emerald Green.... My FAV! B.

Pretty in pink so pretty



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