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Best Nail Inspo for These Holidays ...

By Sheila

Have you decided on your nail art for the holidays yet? Whether you want something cute, something colorful or something that just captures the glitter and glam of the season, there's a ton of inspiration on Instagram. Here's some of our favorites:

1 Reindeer and a Snowflake

2 Cute Christmas Characters


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3 A Little Bit of Christmas and Hanukkah

4 Rose Gold Snowflakes

5 Christmas Baubles

6 Holographic Nails

7 Perfect for Hanukkah

8 Super Cute Nails

9 Blue and Silver Nails

10 Maroon and White

11 Bling Nails

12 Santa and His Reindeer

13 Stiletto Nails

14 Glittery Green

15 Blue and Gold

16 Baby Pink

17 Party Nails

18 Blue and White

19 White and Grey

20 Nude and Gold

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