7 Inspiring Disney Nails That Are Totally Charming ...


7 Inspiring Disney Nails That Are Totally Charming ...
7 Inspiring Disney Nails That Are Totally Charming ...

My BFF is a huge Disney fanatic! So to help her look for some creative new things, I've been creeping the YouTube channels of some of my favorite beauty gurus for the sole purpose of catching Disney nails designs for her next mani. The cool thing about Disney is the fact that there are so many movies to fall in love with that it's hard to be obsessed with just one. That being said, regardless of who your favorites are, there's no question that these Disney nails will totally call out to your inner child.

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Disney Princess Nail Art

I would definitely jump at the chance to rock these Disney nails because of how versatile they are in nature, not to mention the fact they include everyone!


Olaf from Disney's Frozen Nail Art

There's no skating around it - This is the best Olaf tutorial for Disney nails just too amazing for words. I love how the simple colors come together for a look that just screams fun! Even though winter hasn't hit us, this design will definitely get you in the holiday spirit in advance.


Little Mermaid Nail Art

Let's talk about how flawless this next idea is. The striking contrast between the yellow, blue and flesh tones is breathtaking. Although she uses acrylic paint in her tutorial, you can always substitute with nail polish or show the salon and let them do what they do. Your end result will still be amazing regardless what you choose!


Mickey Mouse Nail Art

These Mickey inspired Disney nails are perfect for your next (or first) trip to the greatest place on Earth. Or perhaps you'll do them for Halloween or just because; regardless of the reasoning, they're too cute for words!


Marie the Cat from Disney's the ARISTOCATS

Get ready to take it all the way back with this next design. This is too adorable for words and the light pink design would work for any event. If you're not a fan of The Aristocats, you could always pretend that it's Hello Kitty nail art. What could be better than two looks for the price of one?


Elsa and Olaf Nail Art

Are you ready for round two of Frozen inspired designs? I am totally loving Robin Moses' attention to detail here! It totally brings me back to those warm summer afternoons. Now that fall is running full speed ahead with its cooler days, I think everyone would appreciate this awesome nail art.


Brave Nail Art

Did you really think that I was going to forget about this fiery princess? That dark green paired with Merida's signature red locks is just too much to handle in this awesome tutorial.

These nail art tutorials seriously took me back to the good ol' days. Let yourself be inspired by all of these amazing Disney nails and take them out for a spin. What are some other Disney nail art designs that you want to see?

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