The Best Nail Colors to Rock in Summer ...


The Best Nail Colors to Rock  in Summer ...
The Best Nail Colors to Rock  in Summer ...

Whether you're planning on spending every day tanning on the beach or going for refreshing swims in the water, summer is the perfect time to whip out bright and fun nail polish shades!

Keep reading for the top colour picks for this summer and comment which is your favourite!

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Baby Pink

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Baby pink nails are perfect for anyone looking to show off her girly, feminine side. Pair with a fairly natural outfit as baby pink contrasts amazingly against white and cream coloured clothes! It's the perfect way to add a subtle touch to your look while still looking super gorgeous!


Crisp White

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Crisp white nails are a great way to brighten up any outfit while also giving it that polished look we often strive for! It also looks super sleek and sophisticated which every girl should be going for this summer. Crisp white is a super versatile colour so you can pair it with basically any other colour and still look amazing!


Bright Yellow

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Bright yellow nails scream summer and are the perfect colour to wear in the hot months ahead! Usually when we think of the word 'summer' we match it with colour yellow because of things like the sun and sand. Bright yellow nails are best suited with other colours such as white, cream and silver!


Vibrant Red

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Vibrant red is a great colour to draw plenty of attention to your nails and also adds a bit of sexiness! Choose a light red shade which works brilliantly for summer, whereas dark reds are often considered winter shades! Vibrant red shades are a match made in heaven with white, cream, silver and gold.


Glittery Gold

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What better way to incorporate a bit of glamour into your outfit than beautiful, glittery gold nails? This beautiful touch will add the perfect amount of sexiness yet mystery to your look! Gold nails will look stunning with white, yellow and red outfits.


Sparkly Silver

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If you prefer a sparkly silver to glittery gold, this has to be your go-to shade for summer! It will add plenty of sparkle and sophistication to your outfit with a cool, metallic edge. Silver looks great white light coloured clothes such as white, creams and even baby pinks.


Baby Blue

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Are you thinking of spending a lot of time at the beach this summer? If so, baby blue is the perfect colour for you! Every time you look at your beautiful nails you will be reminded of the ocean and going for dips in the warm water! Baby blue nails will look amazing with colours such as yellow, white and silver.

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White nails is my favorite

Love it

Gotta love the gold

These all look so pretty

Baby pink is my favourite

These are for 2018, what are the trends for Summer of 2019?

wow, these are awesome!

Coral and Orange should have been on the list. That's another perfect summer color 😊

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