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Thanksgiving Nail Art Your Family Will Find Adorable ...

By Eliza

Nail art is huge right now, which means you have access to loads of perfect ideas for any day or occasion. Instead of just decorating your house for Thanksgiving this year, why not decorate yourself? This year, try some cute nail art to impress everyone you're sharing a table with this year.

1 The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

The Great Pumpkin, Charlie BrownLove this movie? Prove it with your nail art.

2 Fall Leaves

Fall LeavesWhat could be better for Thanksgiving than fall leaves?

3 Just a Little Bit of Everything

Just a Little Bit of EverythingPumpkin pie, pilgrims, pumpkins and leaves? Perfect!

4 Perfect Leaves with Glitter

Perfect Leaves with GlitterLooking for something elegant? This should do the trick.

5 Minion Turkeys

Minion TurkeysYou can't go wrong by throwing in a few minion turkeys on your nail art.

6 Falling Leaves

Falling LeavesThose fall leaves look perfect on the black background.

7 In the Pumpkin Patch

In the Pumpkin PatchEveryone loves this movie so you're going to get tons of compliments on this nail art.

8 Fall Owls

Fall OwlsThis is great for the day before and the day after Thanksgiving too.

9 Pie, Pie and More Pie

Pie, Pie and More PieWhat could be more perfect for Thanksgiving nails than slices of pie?

10 For Longer Nails

For Longer NailsThis design is perfect for brushing onto longer nails.

11 Glittery Turkey

Glittery TurkeyThanksgiving is the perfect time to paint on some glitter.

12 Shimmery Orange Pumpkins

Shimmery Orange PumpkinsYou love this, don't you?

13 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macy's Thanksgiving Day ParadeThis is just about the most perfect idea for Thanksgiving that I've ever seen.

14 Glittery Leaves at the Tips

Glittery Leaves at the TipsDo a riff on the classic French manicure by painting some fall leaves just on the tips of your nails.

15 Marble Art Turkeys

Marble Art TurkeysAren't these little guys adorable?

16 Leaves and Pumpkins

Leaves and PumpkinsThanksgiving will only be better when you do this nail art.

17 Turkey Feathers

Turkey FeathersThis has got to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

18 Pilgrim Hats and a Turkey

Pilgrim Hats and a TurkeyPilgrim hats are a super cute choice for Thanksgiving nail art.

19 Polka Dots and Glitter

Polka Dots and GlitterWould you do this nail art for Thanksgiving?

20 Just a Turkey

Just a TurkeyCute, right?

21 Iconic Fall Scene

Iconic Fall SceneYou're definitely going to turn some heads with this look.

Will you do Thanksgiving nail art this year? Which design is your favorite?

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