9 Trendy Nail Polishes to Wear for SpringSummer ...


9 Trendy Nail Polishes to Wear for SpringSummer ...
9 Trendy Nail Polishes to Wear for SpringSummer ...

If you’re still clearing snow from your driveway, you might not be ready for nail polishes for spring/summer 2020. I’m on the west coast and we barely had a winter this year at all! Because of the extra warm temps, I didn’t have much desire for the darker shades I usually favor in the winter. For the last few months, I’ve been wearing medium to light shades of grey - but not quite 50 of them! Here are 9 nail polishes for spring/summer 2020 that you might just be ready to play with.

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Essie - Truth or Flare

Essie - Truth or Flare If you’re checking out nail polishes for spring/summer 2020, don’t overlook this beauty from the Hide & Go Chic collection. I like both the name of the polish and the name of the collection. Most of the polishes I own are in the blue family, and yet I don’t have anything quite like this particular dusty blue shade. What I love about colors like this is the seaside vibe I get from it. I love this for spring and end of summer.


Zoya - Hudson

Zoya - Hudson A shimmering metallic purple orchid shade with an opaque finish. I’m generally not a big fan of sheer shades (though I do like some of them). I think the more opaque; the younger your hands will look. Zoya recommends topping this with one of their special effect polishes, but I personally like it straight from the bottle! It has such a beautiful silver shimmer, I can’t see covering it up. Hmm, the idea might be to get us to buy a second shade – you think?


Zoya - Dillon

Zoya - Dillon This is a mint green shade, but before you think it’s just another in a long line of mint green polishes, take a closer look. Dillon has a metallic finish, and just like Zoya Hudson, it has that awesome silver shimmer. This one simply screams spring and summer, and although mint greens have been around for a while, this is a standout. I love it with a white and coral outfit because it adds a lot more interest to the clothes than a coral polish would. It’s that unexpected pop of color that is so trendy today.


Marc Jacobs - 118 Oui!

Marc Jacobs - 118 Oui! A magnificent magenta violet from Marc Jacobs, and it’s just one of 24 fierce shades from the Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquer collection. This is a long-lasting on trend nail color. This polish definitely makes a statement and it’s not something you would wear for a job interview or for work. This is a look-at-me color and it will make your hands look outstanding. Shrinking violets need not apply!


OPI - AmazON…AmazOFF

OPI - AmazON…AmazOFF From the Brazil Nail Lacquer Collection, here’s a teal crème that applies beautifully. This is a nice 12 piece collection with this shade being the superstar for me. Do you tend to avoid wearing rich blue or green shades because they stain your skin on removal? I have found that if I use Orly Ridgefiller over my base coat, and then apply the polish, I can get a nice clean removal with no staining.


Rescue Beauty Lounge – Wild Raspberries Grow

Rescue Beauty Lounge – Wild Raspberries Grow From the A Poem Collection, comes this fantastic green glitter polish with hexagonal raspberry pieces. Because the base is clear, you can wear this shade over a multitude of colors. I’ve worn it over green and the next time I reach for it, I think I’ll give it a go over white or off white. Definitely finish with a shiny top coat for the best possible super glossy results. With RBL polishes, you just never know how long they’ll be around, so if this one calls to you, don’t let it get away.


Color Club –in De-Nile

Color Club –in De-Nile A striking pale blue from the Safari Garden collection. A crème formula with a superior application. If you wear pastel polish, you know that these lighter shades can perform quite badly, but only two coats of In De-Nile are needed for a flawless finish. I use a glossy top coat over all of my polishes, except for those that are meant to be worn matte or with a rough texture. I’ve noticed that just like picking out a book with a sharp looking cover, nail polish bottles help to sell the color inside. Color Club sure has a purty black & white logo that is very pleasing to look at.


Sally Hansen TRiple SHine - Kelp out

Sally Hansen TRiple SHine - Kelp out I know some polish snobs that won’t touch a drugstore polish, but I have found nothing wrong with Sally Hansen polishes and they make some extraordinary colors. My favorites are Kelp Out and Clam Up, but their entire Spring 2014 collection is gorgeous.


Sephora Formula X - Dynamic

Sephora Formula X - Dynamic From The Cut collection, this is Dynamic; a light taupe shade. Now I don’t know about the naming of this color, but that doesn’t stop me from loving it. Yes, I have at least 3 other taupes in my large polish collection, but there was just something about this taupe that called to me. My other taupes are deeper and this was different enough to find a place in my stash. This is another polish that just looks terrific with a special effects topper and I like this one with Sephora by OPI Wild About Shimmer. I think the result is strikingly chic and looks amazing with gold jewelry.

I wish I could master nail art, but after so many failed attempts, I have to admit I have no skills in that area. Fortunately, there are enough beautiful shades out this spring, and plenty of imaginative toppers to create a special look. Which spring 2020 nail polishes have you worn this year, or are you still wearing winter colors? Do you have a favorite brand of polish, or are you willing and even eager to try different brands if you see a shade you like?

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