17 Nail Infographics Thatll Make You Look Pretty as a Picture ...

By Holly

17 Nail Infographics Thatll Make You Look Pretty as a Picture ...

Your nails are an important part of your appearance. That's why you should take good care of them. To help you, here are a few nail infographics that'll make you look as pretty as a picture:

1 Lazy Girl Nail Hacks

Did you know you could use a bobby pin to create dots on your nails? It's an easy way to create the illusion you've spend hours on your manicure!

2 All about Nails

This infographic will tell you which nail shape is the best for you. After all, there are plenty of choices to choose from.

3 Pretty Piggies

You can't neglect your toenails! You should treat them as well as you treat your fingernails.

4 Do-it-Yourself Nail Art

If you want to draw designs on your nails, but aren't sure how, follow this advice. Anyone can create these simple looks!

5 What Your Fingernails Say about Your Health

Your nails can actually tell you a lot about your health. Take a look at them to see how well the rest of your body is doing.

6 Ten Easy Unique Nail Art Designs

Here are a few more nail designs that you're entirely capable of creating. Try one of them out today!

7 The History of Nails

If you're a fan of Fashion Week, you'll love this infographic. It gives you all of the info you could ever need about models and their nail polish.

8 A History of Nail Polish

Have you ever wondered where nail polish comes from? Well, all the way back in 5,000 BC, people used henna to color their fingers.

9 Encourage Nail Growth with These Vitamins

Here's another reason to make sure you take your vitamins! They'll keep your entire body healthy.

10 Nail do and Don'ts

You don't want to use the wrong techniques when pushing your cuticles back and buffing your nails. Otherwise, you'll end up destroying your beautiful nails.

11 Nail Techniques

If you want to try different nail techniques, grab a brush, a Q-tip, a toothpick, and a piece of a sandwich bag. They're all the tools you need!

12 What Does the Color of Your Nails Tell You?

The next time you remove your polish, take a close look at the color of your nails. It can tell you something important about your health.

13 DIY Matte Nail Polish

If you want to make your polish matte, then you should grab some eyeshadow and a top coat. Mix them together and you have a new polish!

14 Glitter Nails

If you're having trouble drawing designs on your nails, you can apply glitter instead! It's a fun alternative.

15 How to Prevent Your Nail Polish from Chipping

Don't you hate when you spend forever on a manicure, and the polish ends up chipping the next day? Well, that won't happen anymore if you follow the tips in this infographic.

16 How to Paint Your Nails

Here are the steps you should follow every time you paint your nails. Don't forget to push back your cuticles and use a nail file!

17 Half Moon Mani with a French Tip Twist

This is a simple nail design that will look super elegant! It's perfect to wear to any party.

Now you can make your nails look unbelievable! What color do you usually paint your nails?

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