Look Pretty in Pale Polish with This Easter Nail Art ...

By Holly

You should look your best on Easter, even if you're only going to be seeing a few aunts and your grandmother. In order to do that, you have to paint your nails the right way. Instead of opting for a boring color, here are a few ideas for you:

1 All Different Designs

You don't have to paint all of your nails in the same exact way. You can paint each of them a different way in order to really show off your nail art skills.
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2 Carrot Nails

If you have some green and orange polish, it won' be too hard to create carrots on your nails!
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3 Pink Polka Dots

Even if you can't create the bunny in this photo, you'll still look amazing by painting your nails a pale pink and covering them in white polka dots. It's the perfect Easter look!
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4 Yellow Nails

Pale yellow is a great color to use for the holiday. If you have a handy dandy nail art pen, then you can even draw some eggs on your nails or write out the word "Easter."
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5 Purple Nails

Pale purple is another amazing shade to paint your nails. If you want, you can use a little white on the tips of your fingers to create a bunny, as well!
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6 Pink Nails

This is an elaborate design, so you might have trouble replicating it. Of course, you can take this picture into your favorite salon and ask them to recreate it for you.
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7 Polka Dot Nails

Paint your nails with as many different colors as you can and then top them all off with polka dots.
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8 Flower Nails

You don't have to paint your nails a solid color. You can just paint designs on top of your regular nails (as long as you use a base coat).
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9 Orange Nails

You don't have to wait until Halloween to rock orange nails. As long as the color isn't too bright, it'll work well for Easter, too!
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10 Gem Nails

If you're not the best at drawing on your nails, then you can buy some gems for your nails. Then, all you have to do is stick them onto your nails, and you'll still look fabulous!
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11 Chick Nails

Bunnies aren't the only star of Easter. Chicks deserve attention, too!
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12 Pink Nails with Gems

Get those gems out, again. Silver ones will look amazing on top of pale pink polish.
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13 Pink and Gold Nails

If you don't have all that much time on your hands, you should do your nails like this. It's not hard.
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14 Bunny and Chick Nails

If you want, you can paint your nails pale pink, green, and yellow! Then top the polish off with some chicks and bunnies!
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15 Religious Nails

If you're religious, then you can forget about the bunnies and paint a cross or a candle on your nails. After all, that's what the holiday is meant to be about.
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16 Egg Nails

Paint your nails just like you'd paint your Easter eggs! Try to make them match if you can.
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17 Toenails

Don't forget about your toenails! If you're going to walk around barefoot or wear shoes that show off your toes, then decorate them, too!
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Be the fashionable one of the family by making your nails look nice for the holidays. What color are you planning on painting your nails on Easter?

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