Step-by-Step Perfect French Tips You Can do Yourself ...

By Eliza

Step-by-Step Perfect French Tips You Can do Yourself ...

Who says you have to go to the salon to get a perfect French manicure? Everyone loves chic nails that make you look sophisticated and elegant and there's no reason why you can't have them. Even if you're on a budget or don't have time to make an appointment. Use this handy step by step guide to help you get perfect French tips anytime. The other girls are going to be so jealous!

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Start by Trimming

finger, nail, ring, jewellery, fashion accessory, You can't have great looking nails if yours are ragged and uneven. Your first step is to trim your nails down so they are all the same length. Traditionally, French tips are long so try not to cut off too much of the length if you don't have to.


File Them into Shape

finger, nail, nail care, nail polish, manicure, Now that you have your nails trimmed into submission, use a nail file to shape them. There are two shapes that look great with French tips. They are square and oval and which one you choose is largely based on personal preference. Use your file to create the desired shape, filing in one direction to prevent splits and peels in your nails.


Pay Some Attention to Your Cuticles

finger, face, nail, pink, leg, Even the best looking manicure is going to fail if your cuticles are torn and raggedy. Start by soaking them for a minute or so in warm water. Then, gently push them back, carefully removing any excess. Don't cut your cuticles because this can lead to an infection. Finally, massage in a bit of cuticle oil.


Now It's Time to Buff

perfume, pink, beauty, skin, petal, Your next step is getting the surface of your nails ready for the polish. Use a gentle buffing pad to smooth out your nails and remove any oil, lotion or other product that can get in the way of the perfect manicure. You can find good quality nail buffers at drugstores or beauty supply shops.


Apply a Base Coat

nail, finger, pink, nail care, manicure, Use a sheer pink color to create the perfect backdrop for your French manicure. Wait a couple of minutes for the polish to set, then apply another coat of the pink color, allowing it to dry for several minutes before moving on to the next step.

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Use Nail Guides

nail, finger, nail care, manicure, hand, Now you're ready for the magic to start. Use French tip nail guides and apply them to your nails. This creates a perfect line when you add the white polish. You can find these anywhere nail polish is sold. Make sure your base coat is dry before applying the guides and try to get them even on your nails so that the white portion is the same size on each of your tips.


Apply the White Polish

nail, finger, nail care, pink, manicure, Use two coats of thick white polish on the tips of your nails, allowing a couple of minutes between each coat for the color to dry.


Get Rid of the Nail Guides

finger, leg, footwear, arm, hand, Once the white polish has set, gently peel off the guides and throw them away. Don't do this too soon or you could wind up with smudged polish.


Finish with a Top Coat

nail, finger, nail care, manicure, hand, Now, you want to seal the pink and white colors and add a bit of sheen to the manicure by topping it all with a coat of clear polish. Now sit back and relax with a magazine while you wait for your French tips to completely dry.
Do you love French tips? Do you think you could do them yourself now?

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