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I rarely go without wearing polish because I just like painted nails better than bare ones. If you’ve been going along thinking that the only thing to know about nail polish is how to apply it, you are not alone. I’ve heard rumblings about how you should give your nails a break from polish so I set out to do some research. What I discovered are some nail polish facts I think all girls should know. So, here they are! Let me know if you learned anything new from this list.

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You Might Be Allergic to Nail Polish

Surprised? I was too! Turns out you can actually be allergic to the ingredients in nail polish. The major culprit is formaldehyde, which can cause reactions in people sensitive to it. No, you don’t have to give up painting your nails. Just look for brands that don’t contain formaldehyde and you should be good to go. Clinique makes a great one!


Some Kinds of Polish Are Healthy for Your Nails

Your average dollar store bottle of nail polish is probably only doing anything in the looks department. However, some brands are designed to pump your nails full of vital nutrients that help keep them healthy and strong as well as working to prevent the effects of aging. They don’t come quite as cheap, but they are totally worth the extra cost.


You Should Be Using a Base and Top Coat Every Time You Paint Your Nails

The base coat protects against discoloration on your nails and is often designed to strengthen them at the same time. A top coat provides protection for your manicure so it stays chip and smudge free for as long as possible. Nail experts encourage both a base and a top coat each time you put color on your nails.


Dark Polish Colors Don’t Last as Long as Lighter Ones

Dark polish is glam and trendy, but you might notice that it requires more upkeep than lighter colors. Not only do darker colors tend to peel and chip faster, but the problem is more obvious than it is with lighter colors. Experts suggest using lighter strokes when you apply the darker colors, which helps preserve them for a bit longer.


Take Three Days off Every Three Weeks

Sad, but true. Yes, you should go without polish now and then. I hate this, but it’s important for keeping your nails healthy and strong. Experts say to go polish free for at least three days, every three weeks. This helps your nails recover and breathe after being encased in polish for so long.


Keep Your Polish in the Fridge so It Lasts Longer

This is a classic tip that has sort of gone out of fashion in recent years. However, nail experts still say that keeping your polish in the fridge is the best way to prolong its lifespan. That’s perfect for keeping your favorite shade ready to use anytime.


Use Your Clear Polish for Other Things

Clear polish isn’t just for your nails. It also has lots of other good uses. Use it to stop a run in your tights or to coat the inside of a ring that is turning your finger green. Who knew clear could be so useful?

Were any of these a surprise to you? What other fascinating things can you add regarding nail polish?

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I like nail tek treatment to help repair my nails after gel polish. It helps with your natural nail from splitting, peeling, and strengthens them. Give your polish a week break and apply nail tek (which ever number is needed for your nails) and apply a coat everyday! Do this every other week and you'll notice stronger and healthier looking nails.

Let your nails breathe? With what lungs 🙄 this is such a "well known" myth, your nails don't need to breathe, they're dead. To care for them properly use oil and keep them polished to prevent water entry

Nice thanks

I just removed my nail polish off my nails , thanks a lot for that tip . I will now let my nails breathe for three or more days . So it's time to enjoy my cup of tea and read so more allwomentalk articles :)

It actually helped me.Thank you :)

Number 6 was a great help. I lose so many nail polish because they go bad.

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