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Nail Trends Skyrocketing in Popularity This Year ...

By Allison

These nail trends are skyrocketing in popularity this year. Whether intricate nail art or just solid colors are your thing, we've got everything you need to stay on top of the trends. According to the Zoe Report, these top manicures are about to blow up in the world of beauty. To help you stay at the forefront, here's the top nail trends of this year.

1 Color Me Mine

Take on major pops of color next year. From tangerine orange to bold blues, bright hues have never looked so chic.
Color Me MineColor Me MineColor Me MineLa Laque Couture Nail Lacquer by YVES SAINT LAURENT, $28.00, at
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2 One & Done

Painting all your nails in a cohesive shade or motif is so last year. In 2017, every nail has its own identity, whether a solid color or a hint of rainbow.
One & DoneOne & DoneOne & DoneSunrise Sunset Gel Lab Pro Nail Color Set by DEBORAH LIPPMANN, $36.00 at
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3 On the Dark Side

Nails take on a vampire look next year. Ranging from deep reds and navy to brown and black, dark polishes are perfect for every skin tone and look great on all nail shapes and lengths.
On the Dark SideOn the Dark SideOn the Dark SideGel Lab Pro Nail Color by DEBORAH LIPPMANN, $20.00, at
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4 Au Naturel

When in doubt, go with something impossibly fresh. Clear polish on clean nails is the understated look that continues to be a staple on runways from Milan to New York.
Au NaturelAu NaturelAu NaturelTOM FORD nail lacquer, $36.00 at
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5 Geo Game

Have some fun with your nail art. Go for geometric shapes like circles and squares and try an achromatic design on a single finger or go all out with every nail.
Geo GameGeo GameGeo GameJulep Royal Suite Holographics 6-Pack Nail Color Set, $24.00 at
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6 Melted Metals

Ranging from holographic silver to high-shine gold, metallic lacquers had a major moment on the 2017 runways and we're excited to see them make their way onto the beauty-junkie circuit next year.
Melted MetalsMelted MetalsMelted MetalsSlick Oil Paint' Nail Polish by ESSIE, $9, at
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7 Pastel Party

If you want to infuse some color into your beauty routine but candy hues aren't your style, pastels are just as fresh, whether you prefer an almost-nude apricot or something soft and pink.
Marc Jacobs
Pastel PartyPastel PartyPastel PartyMatte Nail Polish by ESSIE, $8.50, at
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8 French Revolution

The old-school French tip takes on a new spin for 2017. Whether it be metallic finishes, new angles or alternating colors, the classic mani gets a fun face-lift.
French RevolutionFrench RevolutionMugler
French RevolutionChristian Louboutin Fade To Rouge Manicure, $50.00, at
nail, finger, nail care, manicure, nail polish,Which of these nail trends did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!


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