17 Pieces of Emoji Nail Art for Phone Addicts ...

By Eliza

17 Pieces of Emoji Nail Art for Phone Addicts ...

Love using your phone? Then you probably love emojis and how much fun they are to use when you send text messages. Emojis are tuning up in all sorts of places now, including home decor and nail art. Next time you want to paint your nails, try one of these cool designs.

1 Basic White Background

Source: Emoji nailart Nail art by

2 Cute Smiling Faces

Source: Emoji Nail Art Nail Wrap

3 Something Really Funny

Source: What’s Your Fav Emoji

4 Blue Background

Source: Nail Art Tutorials

5 Something Different on Each Nail

Source: Emoji // Alien // Turd

6 All the Faces

Source: 33 Awesome nail emoji facebook

7 I'm Happy

Source: Pharrell Williams - Happy inspired

8 Neon Colors

Source: youtube.com

9 Little Smileys

Source: Nail Pornography

10 Lots of Fun Emojis

Source: Guru Gossip • View topic

11 Cat Emojis

Source: Partial To Polish: Cat Emoji

12 Glittery Background

Source: emoji nail art Tumblr

13 Food Emojis

Source: Lacquer Lockdown: MoYou London 31

14 Nacho and Taco Emojis

Source: Lacqueerisa: Guest Post Feature: PlumeriaPainted

15 Pretty in Pink

Source: Nailed Daily: Day 244

16 Sign Language

Source: Sign Language "I love you"

17 Love Nails

Source: youtube.com

Which one is your favorite?

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