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Alternatives to Acrylic Nails That Are Less Damaging ...

By Carly

Looking for some alternatives to acrylic nails? If you want to have fabulous looking nails but don’t have the patience or lifestyle to allow them to grow long enough, then it looks like acrylic is always the way to go. However, many women find that there are a few drawbacks to acrylic nails, mainly the chemicals that are used to apply them and the damage they can do to your own natural nails. If you want the beauty of acrylics without some of the damage risks, then why not consider one of these three great alternatives to acrylic nails?

Table of contents:

  1. Gel nail extensions
  2. Fibreglass nails
  3. Dip powder nails

1 Gel Nail Extensions

These are quite similar to acrylics, but they don’t contain any of the toxic methyl methacrylates that can be so damaging. You can pick them in round, stiletto or square and they only require a small amount of gel to secure the extension. A quick dry underneath an LED light and you are good to go! This is definitely one of the best alternatives to acrylic nails.

2 Fibreglass Nails

Fibreglass nails are a great option if your real nails are thin from biting or natural fragility. They are applied with a thin mesh strip containing glass fibres, secured by glue to create a nice, hard surface for painting. It might take a few layers and it can take a while to complete the process, but it’s worth it!

3 Dip Powder Nails

If you’re looking for something a little more than a gel manicure but not fully fake nails, then dip powder is the way to go. Like the name suggests, you literally dip your nails into a coloured powder of your choice and then the manicurist applies a sealant and top coat. Hey, presto!

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