The Best πŸ™Œ Glitter ✨ Nail Polishes πŸ’… for New Year's Eve πŸ“… ...

What are the best nail polishes for New Year's Eve? New Year’s Eve is that one day a year where it is completely acceptable to immerse yourself in glitter from head to toe. One great and subtle way to add glitter to your overall look is just to rock a glitter nail polish. Nail polish is a quick and effortless way to jazz up your look for New Year’s Eve. There are so many luxury brands that offer a wide variety of shades to choose from. Whether you want just an accented glitter nail or a full manicure then you need to try any of these best nail polishes for New Year's Eve.

1. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in across the Universe

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It started with a piece of fabric, a glimmering swatch of inspiration and ended with this stellar nail shade. Blazing blue and metallic green glitter swirl in a base of sheer navy, making this one of the best nail polishes for New Year's Eve.
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