3-d Nail Art All of Your Friends Will Flip over ...

By Eliza

3-d Nail Art All of Your Friends Will Flip over ...

There's nail art and then there's three dimensional nail art. This stuff takes the entire thing to a whole new level. When you do the 3-D stuff, you get something that has texture and an awesomeness that the average nail art doesn't. Check it out!

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1 Bows and Baubles

Bows and Baubles Source: Nail Designs With Rhinestones Tumblr#*^

2 A Little Bit of Nature

A Little Bit of Nature Source: Japanese 3D Nail Art Designs

"If you're looking for a fresh, trendy, and eye-catching manicure idea, consider trying out the increasingly popular red ombre nails. This nail art trend blend tones to create a stunning gradient effect that is sure to make a fashion statement. Let your nails express your fierce personality and radiant charm!"

3 Minions

Minions Source: KayleighOC

4 Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful Flowers Source: 3d Nails Art Fashion Bat

5 A Bouquet of Roses

A Bouquet of Roses Source: 3D Acrylic Rose Nails. Read

6 Long and Glorious

Long and Glorious Source: Japanese 3D Nail Art Designs

7 White on Black

White on Black Source: My acrylics arrived yesterday, so

8 Fun with Food

Fun with Food Source: Diamond/diamond Nail Design Tumblr.html Nail

9 Flower Garden

Flower Garden Source: Batman Awesome Nail Designs Pink

10 White Bows on Blues

White Bows on Blues Source: 21 Pretty 3D Nail Art

11 Totally Glamorous

Totally Glamorous Source: japanese nail art on Tumblr

12 All Dressed up

All Dressed up Source: nail designs 2014 tumblr step

13 Fun Stripes with Flowers

Fun Stripes with Flowers Source: Best Style Nail: 3D Nails

14 Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink Source: Japanese 3D Nail Art Designs

15 Hello Kitty Overload

Hello Kitty Overload Source: Acrylic Nails With Bows Tumblr

16 Little Tiny Daisies

Little Tiny Daisies Source: Toe Nails Designs Tumblr Easyannech.co.uk

17 Tasty Dessert

Tasty Dessert Source: yummy nails Tumblr

18 Crystals Galore

Crystals Galore Source: blue nail art tumblr –

19 Eyeballs

Eyeballs Source: easy nail designs – Cute

20 Lots of Bling

Lots of Bling

21 Go Big or Go Home

Go Big or Go Home Source: Japanese Nail Art

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Do you notice the scars on 15, awful....

In my opinion, this is one of the most horrible things I've ever seen.

These make me cringe. A few are ok but oh god 😮


Most of these are obviously not for everyday wear and are purely for show, but the practical ones are very cute :)

Tooooo much. 15 and 21 were awful!

I would be terrified of using my hands!!

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