You Never Want These 9 Ingredients in Your Nail Polish ...


You Never Want These 9 Ingredients in Your Nail Polish ...
You Never Want These 9 Ingredients in Your Nail Polish ...

Nail polish is one of my favorite cosmetics. I rarely go without some color on my fingers and toes. Despite being a nail polish fiend, I know that some ingredients are better avoided and that wearing polish all the time isn’t good for your nails. If you’re like and are trying to take better care of your nails without having to give up polish, shop for bottles that don’t contain these nasty ingredients.

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This is one of the worst ingredients ever. It’s used to preserve the dead so you know it’s strong. It’s used to help the polish stick to your nails when you brush it on. However, it is considered a carcinogen, which means it may be linked to the development of certain types of cancer. It might also cause skin and nose irritation when used.


Formaldehyde Resin

Resins are hardening agents, which help your polish dry and stay put for several days. Unfortunately, they can also be irritating to the skin if you accidentally get your polish on the area around your nails. Resins may also cause allergies and respiratory disturbances when inhaled.



DBP stands for dibutyl phthalate, which is a harmful chemical used in nail polish to help keep it from breaking and chipping. That’s great, but it has been linked to disruptions in the reproductive system and may cause birth defects. Scary, stuff, huh?



Here’s another dirty chemical found in most bottles of nail polish. It’s added because it has solvent properties, helping nail polish retain its consistency. However, toluene, like DBP, can cause birth defects. It’s also been linked to headache, fatigue and dizziness. Probably better to avoid it, right?



One of the things camphor is commonly used for is to preserve bugs in the collections you see in museums. In nail polish, it is a plasticizer, which helps the polish adhere to your nails and prevents chipping. It has been linked to seizures and irritability.



Parabens have been making headlines lately because of their possible involvement in breast cancer. Parabens are used as a preservative in nail polish, but when they coat your nails, they can interfere with proper nutrient absorption, which can leave your nails brittle, cracked or otherwise unhealthy.



You know all about the dangers of lead, right? Turns out it lurks in many kinds of nail polish. Lead helps make nail polish easy to use, but some manufacturers don’t list it on their labels. Breathing it can be dangerous as can biting your nails if they lead-based polish on them.



This chemical has an odor that you may recognize when you paint your nails. Sadly, it appears in many kinds of nail polish and can cause all sorts of problem. Its vapors can cause eye irritation, skin irritation, headache, dizziness and nausea. Prolonged exposure can lead to liver and kidney damage, respiratory issues and even death.


Ethyl Tosylamide

Ethyl Tosylamide is used to help keep nail polish flexible so it can be evenly distributed on your nails. It also helps keep it from chipping and wearing off too quickly. However, it has such negative effects that it has been banned in Europe.

Does your nail polish contain these ingredients? Look for 9-free polishes, which are made without any of them. Are you reading your polish labels now?

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As far as I am aware most nail polishes contain one of these ingredients or another ! Which one do you recommend ??

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