8 Most πŸ’― Common Reasons Why πŸ€” Your Nail Polish πŸ’… Doesn't Last Long ⏳ ...


Wondering why your nail polish doesn't last long? We’ve all been there, that amazing day and a half when you have done your nails to absolute perfection. Those precious hours are wonderful, and you receive plenty of compliments from friends and family about your stunning color choice and application prowess. However, then come the days after that when, bit by bit, your painstaking polish job starts to fall apart in front of your very eyes; it’s heartbreaking! Women have been on the lookout for ways to extend the shelf life of their nail polish for as long as makeup has been popular. Before you start to look at ways to extend, however, you need to try to figure out exactly why your nail polish isn’t lasting very long. Here are the eight most common reasons why your nail polish doesn't last long.

1. Oil Buildup

Nails will chip much faster if there is an excess of oil build up on their surface. This is exactly why the manicurist asks you to go and wash your hands before they begin doing your nails. Rinsing with soapy water is the best way to get rid of excess oil before application of polish. Oil on your nails is one of the many reasons why your nail polish doesn't last long.

Surface Imperfections