The Fastest Easiest Way to Color Your Nails ...


The Fastest Easiest Way to Color Your Nails ...
The Fastest Easiest Way to Color Your Nails ...

Don't you hate wasting a half hour painting your nails? Well, that won't be a problem for much longer. Thanks to Nails Inc., you can create the world's quickest manicure.

Dump all of your old bottles of nail polish, because now all you'll need is one of their cans of nail polish. Spray it onto your fingers just like you'd spray a can of paint and you're all finished! Yes, it'll get all over, but there's nothing a little nail polish remover can't fix.

This is the last time you'll have to waste time painting each nail individually. It'll only take two minutes to do your nails now! Are you eager to try this new idea?

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This is pretty cool! I love nail polishes don't have a ton but I have a small collection, this would be a great addition! The fact that it's a quick fix is pretty awesome! And can I just add that I'm actually waiting for that exact case in the mail lol! 6+

oh I'm sorry I see now XD

Wonder if I can use the regular spray paint. Hmmm #Google

Don't think the price is too bad £10! It says if you wash your hands excess comes off skin! But must top coat FIRST as will come nails too ! Only 2 colours available .. Pink and silver ..:(

Can you buy it in South Africa

This looks pretty cool....gonna try it

This Is stupid. The normal nail polish won't get all over like this. It will get a little bit over, but still cover the nail!! What is this for? time consuming!


Wouldn't it take just as much time cleaning it off your hands as it would be painting each nail? Seems kinda pointless

This looks great!

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