Which Nail Polish 💅🏼 Color Fits with Your Zodiac Sign ♍️♊️♐️♒️?

Don't waste your time looking through your nail polishes to pick the perfect color for the week. The answer is right here, because Good Housekeeping figured out which colors fit all of the different zodiac signs. Ready to see if your color matches your personality? Here we go:

1. Leo

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Leos look best in fierce colors, like gold.

2. Virgo

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If you're a Virgo, you should try painting your nails an elegant color, like warm pink.

3. Libra

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Every Libra should try rocking a calming shade on their names, like this royal blue color.

4. Scorpio

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Scropios need dark, mysterious colors, like deep purple.

5. Sagittarius

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You're warm and friendly, which means a mustard yellow is the color for you.

6. Capricorn

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Lavender will look good anywhere, which means it's practical, just like you.

7. Aquarius

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Don't you want to be daring by wearing this bold turquoise color?

8. Pisces

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A subtle pale pink is the perfect color for you.

9. Aries

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All of you adventurous Aries should try wearing a sparkly crimson color.

10. Taurus

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You should stick to mint green, because it's unique, just like you.

11. Gemini

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Everyone knows Gemini's can change their opinion on a dime, just like an opal color will change with the lighteng.

12. Cancer

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You're the perfect person to wear vivid red, because you love to keep things classic.

Now you don't have to waste time figuring out what color to paint your nails this week! Do you like the color associated with your zodiac sign?

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