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23 Organized Ways to Store Your Polish for Girls Who like Things to Have a Place ...

By Neecey

Whether you have 6 or 60 bottles of nail polish you still need somewhere to store them. The more you have, the more organized you need to be - especially if you want to see your color options when doing your manicure. You might be pleasantly surprised by how many creative ways to store nail polish there are.

Table of contents:

  1. Big glass bowl
  2. Spice shelf
  3. Cake stand
  4. Do it yourself nail polish shelf
  5. Glass boxes
  6. Diy 3 tiered stand
  7. Ikea nail polish storage
  8. Picture frame shelf
  9. Nail polish shelf
  10. Overdoor hanger
  11. Nail polish display
  12. Craft organizers
  13. Nail polish storage cubes
  14. Diy nail polish holder. how to
  15. Nail polish cabinet diy
  16. Nail polish racks
  17. Nail varnish rack storage - diy tutorial
  18. Dollar tree diy fingernail polish storage
  19. Diy nail polish rack
  20. Suitcase storage
  21. Do it yourself – homemade nail polish rack/stand tutorial
  22. Magnetic polish board
  23. Apothecary jars

1 Big Glass Bowl

A goldfish bowl would be great for this.

2 Spice Shelf

Source: 55 Genius Storage Inventions That
These are sold as spice shelves for cupboards but they're ideal for nail polish too.

3 Cake Stand

Source: Vanity Heaven: Smart Make-Up Storage
You can find pretty tiered cake stands in thrift stores, garage sales and vintage shops.

4 Do It Yourself Nail Polish Shelf

Source: Young and Reckless: DIY Nail
Fancy a bit of DIY?

5 Glass Boxes

Source: 9 Great Ideas for Organizing
Glass boxes are a nice way to store your stash.

6 DIY 3 Tiered Stand

Source: Golden Boys and Me: DIY
An alternative to a cake stand.

7 Ikea Nail Polish Storage

Source: Polish Chest: My Storage
The "Alex" from Ikea is an ideal size for nail polish bottles.

8 Picture Frame Shelf

Source: Etsy :: Your place to
I reckon you could make this yourself if you don't want to buy similar from Etsy.

9 Nail Polish Shelf

Source: Comment créer une vernithèque
These are the "Ribba" picture edge shelf from Ikea

10 Overdoor Hanger

Source: Creative Essential Oils Storage
Is there anything that an overdoor hanger isn't good for?

11 Nail Polish Display

Source: Glitter and Gloss Nails: How
If you've got this many polishes in your collection, I guess it's worth the effort to make a special cabinet.

12 Craft Organizers

Source: 15 Clever Organization Products For
Craft storage boxes have handy compartments.

13 Nail Polish Storage Cubes

These are actually shoe storage drawers/boxes

14 DIY Nail Polish Holder. How to

Source: Finally, a Solution to My
Put your woodworking skills to the test.

15 Nail Polish Cabinet DIY

Source: Nail polish cabinet Do It
And here's a different version

16 Nail Polish Racks

Source: Ikea Spice Racks Into Nail
Ikea to the rescue again. These are sold as spice racks but are great for polish. But it doesn't have to be Ikea.

17 Nail Varnish Rack Storage - DIY Tutorial

Source: DIY Nail Varnish Rack Tutorial
Click through for a full tutorial.

18 Dollar Tree DIY Fingernail Polish Storage

Source: Dollar Tree DIY Challenge Fingernail
From picture frame to polish store.

19 DIY Nail Polish Rack

Source: Pretty Ink Press: DIY Nail
Power tools anyone?

20 Suitcase Storage

Source: En opgraderet neglelakskuffert
I like the idea of stacking a few small cases with makeup products and hair tools etc in.

21 Do It Yourself – Homemade Nail Polish Rack/Stand Tutorial

Source: Beauty By Moi: Do It
Don't worry there's a video tutorial.

22 Magnetic Polish Board

Source: 7 Pretty Ways to Show
I've seen magnetic makeup boards so why not the same for nail polish?

23 Apothecary Jars

Source: Pretty & Practical Nail Polish
Big glass jars look good on a vanity or in the bathroom.

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