Awaken the Force with Star Wars Nail Art ...


Awaken the Force with Star Wars Nail Art ...
Awaken the Force with Star Wars Nail Art ...

The next Star Wars movie is all set to open soon. If you plan to see it opening weekend, you should probably start thinking about what you're going to wear. At the same time, it's probably a good idea to start planning out your nail art. After all, you want to look epic for such a huge event, right? Check out this Star Wars nail art and you'll be all set for opening night.

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Storm Troopers

Storm Troopers Pretty cool, right?


A Couple of Robots

A Couple of Robots You can't go wrong with R2D2 and C3PO.


These iconic droids have been the cherished companions of space adventurers since a galaxy far, far away first captured our imaginations. R2D2’s blue and white tones, and C3PO’s metallic gold sheen offer perfect inspiration for some stellar nail art. Whether you're channeling the whimsy of R2's beeps and boops or the prim and proper etiquette of C3PO, translating the essence of these characters onto your nails can add a fun and quirky twist to your look that is sure to evoke the spirit of Star Wars with every gesture.


A Little Bit of Everything

A Little Bit of Everything I love the light sabers, don't you?


Who could resist the charm of wielding a light saber on their fingertips? Whether you fancy the gleaming blues and reds of a classic Jedi vs. Sith showdown or the rare purples that pay homage to the unique Mace Windu, this element alone can transform your nail art into an intergalactic statement. Pairing the vibrant colors with a touch of glitter can mimic the energy pulsating from the light saber's core – creating a dazzling effect that glimmers with every gesture. And when you clasp your hands together, it's like you're preparing for the ultimate battle, right at your fingertips. May the style be with you!


Light Sabers

Light Sabers Speaking of light sabers, these are just about as perfect as it gets.


Pointy Nails

Pointy Nails Look how awesome Star Wars nail art looks on pointy nails.


One Darth Vader Nail

One Darth Vader Nail Pretty cool, don't you think?


It's All in the Details

It's All in the Details Think you could copy this?


Spell It out

Spell It out Writing Star Wars on your nails is easy and it looks great too!


Totally Epic

Totally Epic What do you think of this awesome look?



Tatooine This is simple, but really cool at the same time.


Come to the Dark Side

Come to the Dark Side Harness your inner Darth Vader with this look.



Chewbacca Aren't these totally epic?



R2d2 This cute little robot will look perfect on your nails!


Gotta Have Yoda

Gotta Have Yoda It's not really Star Wars without Yoda!



C3po Gotta love this guy, right?


Adorable Star Wars

Adorable Star Wars So cute!



Weapons Wouldn't this be awesome for opening night?

Will you be there to see Star Wars on opening night? Which of these nail art ideas will you be rocking?

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