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15 Nail Colors to Add to Your Wardrobe This Spring ...

By Eliza

Nail colors trend just like fashion, bags and nearly anything else. When the seasons change, so too do the colors you should be wearing on your nails. Now that spring is nearly here, it's time to fill out your polish wardrobe with these great colors.

1 Rouge Wet

Rouge Wet
If you've been dying to try the new watercolor nail polish, now is the time!

2 Minty Green
Not only is this color trending in a big way right now, but it's a perfect shade for spring.

3 How about Bright Purple?

How about Bright Purple?
Isn't this a fabulous nail color?

4 Golden Yellow

Golden Yellow
Here's a spring color that's really easy to get behind.

5 Poppy Orange

Poppy Orange
Make your look totally pop with this fun poppy color.

6 Pool Blue

Pool Blue
This color makes it easy to look forward to lazy summer days lounging by the pool.

7 Silver Chrome

Silver Chrome
Nail experts say that chrome is one of the coolest things to do with your nails this spring.

8 Sea Green

Sea Green
Pastels aren't the only colors that have a place in the springtime.

9 Rose Gold

Rose Gold
Rose gold is huge right now and you will love how it looks on your nails.

10 Matte Black

Matte Black
Are you as surprised as I am that matte black is a spring trend this year?

11 Bright Red

Bright Red
Anytime of the year is great for bright red polish, spring included.

12 Simple Glitter Polish

Simple Glitter Polish
Glittery polish never goes out of style.

13 Pale Pink

Pale Pink
A girl can never go wrong wearing pale pink nail polish.

14 Pink and Glittery

Pink and Glittery
This just screams spring, don't you think?

15 Peach for Spring

Peach for Spring
Here's a spring color you can't help but love.

Which do you love best?

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