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Here is the Right Way to Use Peel off Polish ...

By Eliza

Normally you’d probably do anything to keep your nail polish from peeling off, right? What if I told you that you can wear the polish you love, then peel it off when you’re done with it? That means you can mix up your manicure anytime the mood strikes without having to use harsh polish remover on your nails. Here’s how to get the most out of your peel off polish. You are going to love this, I guarantee it!

1 No More Pulling off Layers of Your Nail

Normally, when you pick and pull at your nail polish, you remove a layer or two of your fingernails along with it. When you use the new peel off polish products, you eliminate this danger. This saves you the risk of peeling, broken or otherwise damaged nails. Plus, it makes it super easy to change your color when you want to.

2 The Basic Technique is the Same

The great thing about peel off polish is that it goes on the same way as traditional polish. Simply brush on a coat or two of the color you choose, allowing a couple of minutes between coats to let the polish set. Easy enough, right?

3 Peel off Polish is Recommended by Dermatologists

Many dermatologists recommend using peel off nail polish because it’s easier on your nails than other kinds of polish. Again, this is because the color peels off without damaging your nails. It also helps keep your nails from absorbing as much of the harmful chemicals that are in nail polish. You can get behind that, can’t you?

4 Peel off Polish Costs a Bit More

Nail polish ranges in price from around a dollar to more than $20. Peel-off nail polish is on the higher end of the spectrum so be ready to spend some dough on the products. It can hurt a little bit to spend that much on nail polish, but you will love the investment because the peel off version of your favorite colors should last you a long time and keep your nails healthy and safe.

5 Make Any Polish a Peel off Color with a Peel off Base Coat

If you don’t want to shell out all the money for peel-off polish, invest in a bottle of peel-off base coat. This product allows you to paint your traditional polish over the base, allowing you to get the benefits of peel-off nail polish without having to give you your favorite shades.

6 Peel off the Polish with Care

When you get ready to peel off the nail polish, make sure you do so carefully. When you start to lift the layers of color from your nail, make sure you don’t damage your cuticle or the skin around your nails. You should be able to get the polish lifted with just your fingernail, but you can also use a pair of tweezers or a cuticle pusher to get it started if you need to.

7 You Can Still Use a Top Coat over Your Peel off Color

You can definitely put a top coat over the peel off color on your nails. However, make sure you don’t seal it in with the clear or you won’t be able to get the polish started when you want to peel it off. The top coat will give your color a shine and gleam that you’ll love.

Have you ever tried peel off nail polish? What other advice can you share?

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