7 Signs You Need to Re-Think Your Nail Length ...

By Eliza

7 Signs You Need to  Re-Think Your Nail Length ...

There was a time when I wore my nails long, but when I had kids and started working as a writer, they just weren’t practical anymore. Now I wear them pretty short most of the time. I’ve found that my nail polish stays in place a lot better on short nails, so that’s one perk. Even if you’ve always had long nails, pay attention to these signs telling you it’s time to give them a trim and wear them shorter. Don’t worry – short nails can still look fabulous.

1 If You Keep Breaking Nails, They Might Be Too Long

Are you cursing over broken nails all the time? I hate having one nail that is shorter than all the others. If you notice that your nails are breaking more often than usual, they may need a break. Cutting your nails shorter gives weak, brittle nails a chance to recover and get stronger. Over time, you may be able to grow them longer again.

2 Do You Have Trouble Texting without Mistakes?

Have you ever sent a really embarrassing text because your nails got in the way? No one wants to do that, right? If you can’t text without making a ton of mistakes, it might be a good indication that you need shorter nails. I’m no good at texting as it is, but having shorter nails certainly makes it much easier.

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3 Scratching Yourself Means You Should Cut Your Nails

If you’re hurting yourself with your long fingernails, you owe it to yourself to cut them off. You shouldn’t have to bleed and have scratches on your body just because you love long fingernails. If you can’t give up the nails, use some lotion to prevent itchy skin and at least file your nails, so they aren’t so sharp and scratchy.

4 Shorter Nails Are More Sanitary than Really Long Ones

If you have long nails, chances are there’s lots of dirt, germs and bacteria hanging out underneath them. Next time you eat some taquitos or chips and salsa at happy hour, you may be getting that stuff in your mouth, potentially opening yourself up to getting sick. If you have a hard time keeping your nails clean, you may want to cut them short.

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5 Do You Have a Hard Time Keeping Your Manicure in Place?

Like I said before, shorter nails are easier to maintain than longer ones. They don’t get dinged up as much, which means your nail polish won’t chip and fade as quickly. If you’re tired of the constant upkeep required with long nails, you will love how much time it frees up to trim them off. You can still polish and decorate short nails so don’t worry that you’re stuck with a dowdy, boring look.

6 Short Nails Are Healthier than Long Ones

Earlier I alluded to the fact that shorter nails are generally healthier than longer ones. Your nails need nutrients to stay strong and healthy and when they’re shorter, they don’t have to be distributed over so much area. Plus, shorter nails tend to be stronger. If you’re suffering peeling or brittle nails, it’s time to shorten them today.

7 Life is Just Too Hard with Long Nails

Everything is harder with long nails – taking off your seat belt, cooking, changing diapers, typing, carrying heavy things and doing laundry. Whatever it is, if you’re tired of how difficult things are with long nails, cut them off and do yourself a favor. There’s no reason to make things harder than they need to be. Life changes and sometimes shorter nails just make more sense.

Is it time to cut your nails short? Why?

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Yep team short nails!! 😍 clean and sanitary!

short nails are elegant 👰🏻

Yep short nails rules!

Short nails are the best :D

Yup I just cut mine because I kept scratching myself. I love my short nails!


In my country very long nails are considered trashy, plus I don't like them either, so I keep them 2cm. long.

Short nails are just way more practical and look sporty when painted



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