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Winter Nail Art That's Gorgeous and Glittery ...

By Eliza

There's nothing better on your nails than glitter, right? When you want to sparkle and shine, glitter is definitely the way to go. If you need some ideas, you have come to the right place. Use these ultra shimmery ideas to help you create glittery nail art that will make you stand out in a good way and have the best winter ever. Have fun!

1 Silver on Black

Silver on Black Silver on black is never a bad idea!

2 Just on the Tips

Just on the Tips Glitter on just the tips looks fabulous!

3 Just One Nail

Just One Nail Doing just one nail differently is super trendy right now so you know this will work out perfectly.

4 Blue and Gold

Blue and Gold I love this color combination, don't you?

5 Mermaid Glitter

Mermaid Glitter Blue and green ombre is perfect for a mermaid feel.

6 Straight up Pink

Straight up Pink A girl can never go wrong when she wears pink nail polish. Especially if it's glittery.

7 Huge Chunks of Glitter

Huge Chunks of Glitter Don't feel like you have to use little glitter. Big glitter is just as awesome!

8 Hex Glitter

Hex Glitter I love the shape of this glitter! It's so different from what you usually see.

9 Red Tips

Red Tips Put a little bit of glam in your day with this look.

10 Chunky Silver Glitter

Chunky Silver Glitter You gotta love this!

11 Totally Awesome

Totally Awesome Would you do this look on your nails?

12 Glitter in Gold

Glitter in Gold Gold glitter is just about as perfect as it gets!

13 Glittery Red Hearts

Glittery Red Hearts Isn't this a sweet look?

14 Beautiful Red Glitter

Beautiful Red Glitter I think this glitter is my absolute favorite!

15 Rainbow Glitter

Rainbow Glitter Don't you love this?

16 Tons of Glitter

Tons of Glitter This basic look is perfect for day and night!

17 Feminine and Girly

Feminine and Girly Here's something that you can get away with at work and at play.

Which one catches your eye? Think you can copy it?

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