Booksworms Will Love This Newspaper Nail Art ...


Booksworms Will Love This Newspaper Nail Art ...
Booksworms Will Love This Newspaper Nail Art ...

Some nail art is impossible to recreate. However, this one is easy for beginners! All you need is a newspaper, a base coat of polish, a light grey polish, and rubbing alcohol.

Start off by applying a base coat to your nail and then applying the light grey. Once that dries, dip your nail into the rubbing alcohol. After you pull your nail out of the alcohol, you should press your nail against the newspaper for a few seconds. When you take the newspaper away, you should have the print on your nails! Then all you have to do is finish it off by adding a top coat!

Here's a video that shows you exactly how to create this gorgeous nail art:

Are you going to try to create this nail art?

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It doesn't work for me :( Love the style though!!!

I tried it and it's super easy. I love it!

What's that newspaper ink?? Plz someone tell me

Love it


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