Nail Contouring is the Latest Art You Need to Learn ASAP ...


Nail Contouring is the Latest Art You Need to Learn ASAP ...
Nail Contouring is the Latest Art You Need to Learn ASAP ...

You've heard all about contouring your face for a more defined look. Chances are you've even tried it out. Did you know that nail contouring is also a thing? The idea is to make your nails look longer, even when they are short. I keep my nails short because I do a lot of typing, but I wouldn't be opposed to having them look long and fabulous. Do you feel the same way? Here's how to get the look.

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Start with a Base Coat

A base coat gives your color something to adhere to and protects your nails from staining caused by dark colors. Use a clear polish and sweep it over your entire nail, allowing it to dry completely before moving on to the next step. Being sure the clear polish is dry is important for ensuring that your manicure doesn't get smudged and spoiled.


Next Comes a Light Coat of Polish

On top of your clear, swipe one coat of a light shade. You want something that is pretty close to your natural nail color, but not clear. That means a really light pink or nude color. Make sure to keep the coat thin and light so that it doesn't get smudged. You'll be putting on a couple more coats and the thicker they are, the more likely they are to get messed up.


Put a Dark Color down the Middle

Now for the contouring part. Take a deep, dark color and paint it down the middle of each nail, leaving the lighter color underneath showing along the sides of each nail. You can use black, dark red, purple, or just about any shade you love.


Try It the opposite Way

If you prefer, you can go with something lighter. Instead of putting a light shade all over, simply take it and paint it right down the middle of each nail, leaving the clear showing through on either side. Use white or powder pink to do the look this way.


Finish with a Semi Matte Top Coat

You don't want something that is completely matte because it tends to ruin the look a little bit. However, a semi matte polish gives you a touch of shine and finishes off the contouring effect. You can go with something that is all shiny if you prefer, but it won't have quite the same effect.


Try a Bunch of Colors

Now that you've got the technique figured out, you can try it with some other colors. Try putting a thick stripe in the center of your nail, then another thinner stripe of a different color on each side. Make sure you choose colors that have a good amount of contrast to get a more enhanced contouring look.


Practice Makes Perfect

This nail trend will be much easier to complete than some of the others that you'll find, but it may still take a bit of work to get it done right. Experiment with colors and ideas to find what you love best. This also helps you get the techniques down so that you will always have the best looking nails in town.

Have you ever tried nail contouring? Can you share any other tips?

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