How to Get the Perfect Instagram Nail Shot ...

By Holly

When you get a gorgeous manicure, you'll want to show it off. Instagram is the best place to do that, which is why In Style has some advice for taking the perfect shot of your nails.

1 Brighten up

Brighten up Make sure you use natural lighting. Head outside or sit near a window to get the sun on your nails.

2 Consider Your Background

Consider Your Background Instead of placing your nails against a white wall, try to find a colorful piece of fabric to rest your hands on. It'll make the shot look more colorful and interesting.

3 Go beyond Instagram Filters

Go beyond Instagram Filters If a filter won't give you the result you want, try getting a photoshop app. Then you can do even more with your photo.

4 Upgrade with Accessories

Upgrade with Accessories You don't want your hands to look plain and boring. Add a few rings and bracelets to make yourself look more fashionable.

5 Get Close

Get Close Don't be afraid to place the camera close to your hands. If they're too far away, no one will see the details of your nail designs.

6 Wrap Your Hands around a Nail Polish Bottle

Wrap Your Hands around a Nail Polish Bottle If you feel strange just resting your hands on a surface, you can hold a nail polish bottle instead. It should help relax you and make you feel less awkward. Plus, it'll make for a pretty picture!

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