17 Intense Pedicures 💅 That Went Way Too Far ...

I love getting pedicures. After a long winter, my feet are often in terrible shape. I'm all for expressing yourself with your toenails, too – after all, if you're going to spend a bunch of money on new summer shoes, not to mention the luxury of a pedicure itself, you might as well show off your tootsies, right? Right! It's just … given the fact that they're covered in socks and shoes for much of the year, your feet have the potential to embarrass you. Not only is it difficult to DIY some on-point toenail art, there's also a real danger of going way too far. Just … take a look at what I mean.

1. Shiny Silver Knife-toes

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Knife-toes are kind of like finger-toes, except potentially dangerous. I would be constantly afraid of getting my toes stuck in escalators or smashed by things.

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