17 Intense Pedicures That Went Way Too Far ...


17 Intense Pedicures That Went Way Too Far ...
17 Intense Pedicures That Went Way Too Far ...

I love getting pedicures. After a long winter, my feet are often in terrible shape. I'm all for expressing yourself with your toenails, too – after all, if you're going to spend a bunch of money on new summer shoes, not to mention the luxury of a pedicure itself, you might as well show off your tootsies, right? Right! It's just … given the fact that they're covered in socks and shoes for much of the year, your feet have the potential to embarrass you. Not only is it difficult to DIY some on-point toenail art, there's also a real danger of going way too far. Just … take a look at what I mean.

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Shiny Silver Knife-toes

Shiny Silver Knife-toes Knife-toes are kind of like finger-toes, except potentially dangerous. I would be constantly afraid of getting my toes stuck in escalators or smashed by things.


The Sad Reality of the DIY Pinterest Pedicure

The Sad Reality of the DIY Pinterest Pedicure This always happens. It happens every single time. Also, is that painters tape? Because that totally seems like something I'd do.


Oh, Honey, No

Oh, Honey, No This could be my picture. It's not, but it could be. Every time I try to paint my toenails, this is the result.


Extreme Pedicure: Weapons Edition

Extreme Pedicure: Weapons Edition Seriously, though, aren't these dangerous – to others and to yourself? How do you walk? Do they scrape against the ground?


They Almost Touch the Ground

They Almost Touch the Ground Welp. These do. I actually really like the nail art itself, though, and that's an awfully pretty color.


I See Penis

I See Penis Do you see penis? As a matter of fact, I see two penises. I see penis before I see chef's hat.


Those Unfortunate Tan Lines

Those Unfortunate Tan Lines Yeeeah. The pedicure itself is pretty perfect, but she's lucky she didn't burn!


That Poor Toe!

That Poor Toe! Oh, I have been there. I know that pain. I have also painted over a nail that wasn't there anymore. Well, I don't guess you'd say I painted over it, would you? Since it's not there in the first place.


Bless This Mess

Bless This Mess White is such a hard color to paint with – kudos for the strip of tape here. I don't know, every time I see white polish, it makes me think of the way the girls used to paint their nails with White-Out back in middle school


Wait until You See It ...

Wait until You See It ... Nothing looks bad, right? This pedicure isn't too intense at all. It's not ostentatious or crazy or messy. However … I had to stare at it for an embarrassing length of time because I thought the top of the big toe was all bloody.


These Monsters

These Monsters Actually, sorry, I'm totally cheating. I just thought these were adorable.


So Close

So Close Marbling and fan brushing and techniques like that have so much potential to end up messy. Honestly, though, with a little clean up, these toes are pretty impressive.


I Think These Might Be Dangerous

I Think These Might Be Dangerous I Think These Might Be Dangerous I can't get enough of these. Has anyone tried this kind of pedicure? HOW DO YOU WALK?


Is That Glue?

Is That Glue? Wait, no, seriously, is it that leather-look polish? Because that does not look right. Those luxury polishes tell lies.


The Duck Look

The Duck Look I get the idea here, but practically speaking, it seems like you're begging for stubbed toes.


Tbh, This Could Be Me

Tbh, This Could Be Me Every pedicure I've ever given myself.


The Bubble Trend Has Gone Too Far

The Bubble Trend Has Gone Too Far Nooo! No, no, no! Why?

I can't get over the bubble nails. They look weird enough on fingernails, but they make your toes look kind of … diseased.

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1. The long toe nails, scary! Can u imagine all the dirt that accumulates daily under the nails! 2. The DIY ers, check out some YouTube videos, or how to books from the library. You can even learn to wax the hairy toes. The bubble nails, all I can say is What where u thinking when u got them?

Titles are so funny😂😂😂😂👍

The bubbles look like frogs

Hairy toes are disgusting

Those toes were hairy in picture 3 lol

The bubble trend thingy totally looks like gum balls 😖😂

Who is painting these long toenails??🤔

How does she put/take-off the toe rings in the bubble pedi😂😂😂😂😂

Lol 😊 Natalie_those_5_bands

Ughhhhhhhhh...these are so disgusting😷🙄👀

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