GeniusUses for Clear Nail Polish All Practical Girls Will Love ...


GeniusUses for Clear Nail Polish All Practical Girls Will Love ...
GeniusUses for Clear Nail Polish All Practical Girls Will Love ...

I'm always finding uses for clear nail polish beyond my nails. Who knew such a simple polish could be so incredibly useful? I don't think I ever go anywhere without at least a tiny bottle, not to mention I always have several on hand at home. It's the perfect “just in case” tool. If you think it's just for shiny nails, check out some of these uses for clear nail polish and you'll never see it the same again.

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No More Lost Buttons

I always hate clothes with barely sewn on buttons. It doesn't take much before the threads break and your buttons are gone. One of my favorite uses for clear nail polish is protecting buttons. Brush a little on the front of the button to strengthen the threads. Plus, it keeps them looking shiny. Since the polish is clear, no one will ever notice the difference.


Easier Threading

I love cross stitch, but I hate threading the needle. I keep a bottle of clear polish with my supplies to make life much easier. Simply brush the end of the thread with polish to keep it from fraying and to stiffen it. Wait for it to dry before trying to thread it. I run it through my fingers and it dries within seconds.


Add Shine to Jewelry

Costume jewelry looks great, but it tends to lose its luster quickly. All those beautiful beads and faux gems go from shiny and pretty to dull and boring. When you first get the jewelry, brush a thin layer of polish over the jewelry to protect it and keep it looking shiny and new. Over time, you might have to do it again. Don't to do this with your real jewelry. Use jewelry cleaner instead.


Repair Glasses

If the tiny screws on your glasses keep wiggling out of place, a tiny bit of clear polish will keep them where they belong. I didn't believe it myself until I tried it. I thought I'd have to get rid of my favorite pair of sunglasses after the screw started acting up. A little drop of polish and I haven't had any problems since. Tighten the screw as much as possible before applying for best results.


Protect against Rust

I don't know why shaving cream cans have metal bottoms that are obviously going to rust in a moist shower environment. Luckily, a coat of polish on the bottom of the can is all you need to prevent the problem. The first thing I do when I get home with new shaving cream is to brush the polish around the metal ring. After that, I don't have to worry about nasty rust rings in my shower.


Seal Envelopes

I absolutely hate licking envelopes to seal them. Not to mention, you often get spots that won't seal right. Instead of licking, brush a thin layer of polish over the adhesive portion of the envelope. Seal the envelope while it's still wet. The polish activates the adhesive and gives you an extra adhesive for a better seal.


Keep Matches Dry

While I'm not a big camper, my friends are. They told me they always dip the tips of their matches in clear polish before heading out. The polish seals off the tip so they stay dry even if you get caught out in a rain storm. Plus, polish is flammable, so the matches burn even brighter if you need them for light. I'd highly recommend this for anyone camping near a lake or river.


Stop Fraying Laces

Shoelaces usually have a plastic tip (aglet) to prevent the ends from fraying. The tip tends to break or fall off after just a few months. This doesn't mean you need new laces. Instead, coat the ends with clear nail polish. It works as a makeshift plastic tip. When the polish wears off, simply repeat the process. It's amazing how much longer laces last when you do this.


Prevent Jewelry Staining

I love costume jewelry. It's cheaper and lets me have a lot more variety. However, sometimes I end up with a green ring around my finger or wrist. I put an end to this by brushing the inside of the jewelry with polish. I usually let it sit for a day to let it dry and air out before wearing it.

Clear nail polish is an amazing tool to have on hand at all times. From protecting clothes to making jewelry even better, it does it all. Plus, it's super cheap. How else do you use clear polish?

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Also if u are allergic to nickle eg jewellery, belt buckles put a layer on items and it will prevent u getting a rash

It works great for allergies to nickle. I have a bad allergy it actually burns my skin and clear polish stops this 😃

Clear nail polish also helps avoid ladders on tights. If you have a rip on your tights, just simply add some clear nail varnish to the rip and it will stop it from stretching out more.

Really Tania?!? Days soo cool

Really useful. Thanks

Interesting. But useful

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