Nail Art for Girls Who Are Going to Be Bridesmaids Soon ...

By Eliza

Nail Art for Girls Who Are Going to Be Bridesmaids Soon ...

It's the time of year when weddings are happening virtually every single weekend, which means you might be planning to be a bridesmaid this summer. That will entail getting a dress and having your hair and nails done. Fun, right? If you want to save some money, try one of these fantastic nail art ideas and you'll be the star of the show. Have fun!

Table of contents:

  1. pink with pearls
  2. metallic and nude
  3. shine with some gold
  4. lovely gold pattern
  5. sparkle in the right way
  6. simple french manicure
  7. white with a rhinestone
  8. chunky glitter at the bottom
  9. geometric pattern
  10. perfect silver sparkle
  11. pretty white patterns
  12. pointy and three dimensional
  13. spell it out
  14. bling it up
  15. try a little bit of color
  16. fun with sliver rhinestones
  17. pale pink is perfect
  18. make a statement
  19. neutral with a silver swirl
  20. wear a flower
  21. fancy design

1 Pink with Pearls


2 Metallic and Nude


3 Shine with Some Gold


4 Lovely Gold Pattern


5 Sparkle in the Right Way

Instagram photo by Molly Anne Morrison • May 5, 2016 at 9:31pm UTC

6 Simple French Manicure


7 White with a Rhinestone


8 Chunky Glitter at the Bottom


9 Geometric Pattern


10 Perfect Silver Sparkle


11 Pretty White Patterns


12 Pointy and Three Dimensional


13 Spell It out


14 Bling It up


15 Try a Little Bit of Color


16 Fun with Sliver Rhinestones


17 Pale Pink is Perfect


18 Make a Statement


19 Neutral with a Silver Swirl


20 Wear a Flower

21 Fancy Design


Which idea will you try for the wedding you're in this summer?

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