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You've heard of ombre hair and even ombre lips, but have you tried wearing ombre nails yet? They look just as amazing as they sound! The best part? They're not hard to create! If you're interested in the idea, here are a few ombre nail tutorials that you should test out today:

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One Step Ombre Nails

In order to create ombre nails, all you need is a pack of makeup sponges and a few gorgeous nail polish colors that you think would look great together. All you're going to do is paint the sponge with the two or three colors that you plan on using. Then you should pat that colorful sponge along your nail. When you're finished applying the polish, you can use a q-tip to clean up the edges.


Pink and Green Ombre Nails

This video has some great advice in it. For instance, instead of getting polish all over your hands and cleaning it up afterward, you can simply prevent the mess. You can do that by adding several pieces of tape to your hands, surrounding your nails. It'll make for easy cleanup.


Rainbow Ombre Nails

You don't have to layer the colors on top of each other horizontally. You can do them vertically instead. If you want to recreate the nails you see in this video, then you're going to need a neon yellow, neon blue, and neon pink. Of course, you'll also need white polish to place on your nails before you begin the entire process. Then it's time to begin!


Blue Ombre Nails

You're going to start by applying a base coat of white. After they dry, you should start applying your polishes to the sponge. However, if the sponge you have is too large to use, you can always cut it. Your best bet is to cut it into a triangular shape, because it will be easy to hold and easy to place over your nails.


Sunset Ombre Nails

Even though it's winter, that doesn't mean that your nails have to match the season. If you've been missing sunsets on the beach, then you can create these ombre nails. The woman in the video will even teach you how to design a dolphin on your nails to give them some extra spice.


Polka Dot Ombre Nails

This video shows you a different technique for creating ombre nails. You should start by applying a base coat and white polish, like usual. Then you should grab one color, apply it to your sponge, and sponge the color three quarters of the way down the nail. Then you can add a second color halfway down the nail. Then you can use the last color on the very top of the nail.


Several More Ombre Nails

This video will give you a few different examples of ombre nails. It has pink and purple, green and brown, red and black, and orange and yellow. There's bound to be one style that you're a fan of. Pick out your favorite and then try to create it yourself

Ombre nails aren't as hard to create as they look. That's why you should test them out right now! Which two or three colors would you love to use?

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oh gosh! I've been dying to try ombre nails..thanks for this!

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