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How to Create a Stella McCartney Inspired Marble Manicure ...

By Holly

Would you love to give yourself a marble manicure? It's easy! According to Elle, here are the steps to creating Stella McCartney inspired nails:

1 Create a Burgundy Base

Create a Burgundy BaseStart by painting your nails a solid color.

2 Apply a Top Coat

Apply a Top CoatMake sure you apply a top coat over your base polish to keep it in place.

3 Dot the Nail with Red Polish

Dot the Nail with Red PolishNow it's time to apply miniature dashes all over your nail.

4 Dot with a Light Blue Polish

Dot with a Light Blue PolishGrab a different polish and make even more dashes on your nails.

Would you wear your nails like this?

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