Which Long-Lasting Nail Polish Brands Actually Work?

By Alicia

Which Long-Lasting Nail Polish Brands Actually Work?

Rarely will you find me without something on my nails unless I’m giving them a break from polish overload! So, I’ve definitely done my research on this subject. I always look for a nail polish that gives me the longest wear, preferably at least 5 days of chip-free wear. These’re the 7 that passed the test.

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1 Guerlain

Guerlain is an upscale nail polish brand that you can find at stores such as Nordstrom, Dillard’s and of course, Sephora. The actual title of this nail polish is actually Geurlain Long Lasting Color Laquer Nail Polish and it lives up to it’s name. It’s reviewed at 4.5 stars on Sephora. You’ll love the wide brush that makes painting your nails easy-peasy and you can count on getting at least 5 days of chip-free wear, perhaps 6.

2 Julep

Julep is a brand that’s gained popularity in recent years. It’s not a brand you can walk in and find at Target, Wal-mart or even Sephora. It’s a nail polish you can buy online at julep.com While you can make individual purchases on nail polish you can also sign up for their beauty box subscription which will have Julep nail polishes included as well as some of their other beauty products. This polish applies beautifully and gives you around 4-6 days wear with no chips or nicks.

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3 Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen is a brand women have trusted for years for beautiful colors and products that promote nail health. This specific nail polish is a gel polish you can use at home, which usually equates to longer wear. It’s a 2 step process; first you paint your nails with the nail color then you finish up with the gel topcoat. I got 4/5ish days out of this nail polish which was acceptable to me.
2 step

4 CND Vinylux

CND Vinylux and the one listed below this one are the ones I’ve gotten the longest wear out of. CND Vinylux is just now growing in popularity and isn’t available everywhere. I usually buy mine from Amazon or eBay. It’s also a 2 step gel nail polish that doesn’t require a light. I always get 6-7 days out of this nail polish. I’m currently wearing Cake Pop and I love it. 😍

5 Rimmel Salon Pro

This’s one of the longest lasting nail polishes that you can get at a drugstore. The brush is designed wonderfully so you can almost coat your nail with one swipe. It promises 10 days of wear but I’ve personally gotten around 8-9 days out of this polish. With some minor touch ups, you can even extend it beyond that. It’s also very reasonably priced.


OPI has been a beloved nail polish for 25 years. With over 200 shades plus a full line of nail care products, you can’t go wrong. The names are also easy to fall in love with such as I Sao Paulo Over There and Steady As She Rose. It’ll also last longer than many brands, giving you 4-6 days wear.

7 Essie

And of all these, Essie is my absolute favorite. I love the names, the colors, even the design of the bottle. I own more of these than any other brand. Essie goes on sheer for the first coat but deepens fully on coat two. You can get a good 5 days out of an Essie polish and sometimes as much as 7.

These brands give you long lasting wear from your polish. Have you tried any of them? What nail polish brand is your favorite?

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I LOVE ESSIE/OPI (they're pretty much the only brands I've tried though haha)

Good point Sheri

Nothing lasts if your washing dishes!

You can buy the thin rubber gloves, like they have at the hospitals, they save your nails and hands

I agree with Shaya. Household chores totally destroy nail polish!!

Sally hansen gel does not last, i have tried it severas times but it just didnt work

Ya I agree the Sally handed gel polish sucks! I tried it and lasted only 2 days and started chipping!

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