5 Ways to Clean up Nail Polish without Remover ...


5 Ways to Clean up Nail Polish without Remover ...
5 Ways to Clean up Nail Polish without Remover ...

Every self-respecting lady is well acquainted with the details around the nail polish activities. The nail polish needs to match your lipstick, clothes and every other accessory you have on! Nowadays there are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing the right nail polish, however when it comes to nail polish remover, did you know there are tons of ways to clean up nail polish? Very few people actually know about some of the non–conventional methods through which you can successfully remove nail polish. Instead of choosing the traditional nail polish removers, that can be harmful for the skin and for the nails, you can now try alternative methods and we guarantee that they work and are amazing! Let us, at ShinyLondon, a guest blogger for All Women Stalk, show you some incredible ways to remove your nail polish without a remover!

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Spray Deodorant

If you do not have nail polish remover at home, why not try spray deodorants? If you wonder why this is a good alternative, we have news for you - the great part of the deodorants, especially spray ones is that they have solvents. These solvents have turned out to be a fantastic remover for nail polish! Who knew! How do you use it? Simply spray the deodorant on your nails, but be careful and read the labels, so you don't freeze yourself.


The 'Napkin' Method

We have to warn you a little on this one, the nail polish might not completely disappear right away, however, if you keep up rubbing it, it'll come off. How does it work? Well, the first thing you want to do is rub carefully at the borders of your nails, you do this because this is the place where the nail polish is real hard to get off. You want to pay close attention in this method -- because it can harm the surface of your nail if you aren't careful.


The Top Coat

This is one widespread way through which you can guarantee the removal of your nail polish. Search for some top nail and apply it on your painted nails. Then quickly find a cotton swab and wipe it off with careful moves. If the nail polish has not been removed, repeat the same step again, for fascinating final results. There are some nail polishes that are more stubborn and you need to take into account this fact.


Body Spray

Body spray does great job when it comes to nail polish removal. Similar to the spray deodorant is possesses the same qualities and will be the ideal substitution for traditional nail polish remover. Again, you need a cotton swab on which to put some of the spray. Then you need to rub the spray back and forth the nail and in this way you will make the nail polish disappear.



As the hair spray possesses the same type of chemicals that can deal effectively with the nail polish it makes it a suitable decision for the cleaning of your nails if you lack another alternatives. Pay attention not to leave the hairspray for a longer time, unless you want to have your nails completely dried.

Finally, when you have read about the options that you have for the substitution of the nail remover, don't forget girles, clean nails are happy nails! The hygiene of the nails is essential for their appearance as well as for their health, so be careful and provide the needed care. Don't you just love when your nails look amazing?

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Isn't it way easier to just use nail polish remover?

Do these really work?? I'll have to try these methods soon!

Perfume sucks for removal

Perfume sucks for removal

i dont get the napkin method

Put a drop of dishcleaner liquid on nails and just scrub with finger. It works for me and paint gets removed completely.

Was this written by a 7 year old child?

These are methods for if you don't have nail polish remover. If you can wait, Polish around the edges usually comes off in the shower the next day

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