How to save Money at the Nail Salon ...


How to save Money at the Nail Salon ...
How to save Money at the Nail Salon ...

How much do you love a professional manicure? As fun as it is to paint your nails at home, a manicure is a little pleasure to be savored. With these tips to save money at the nail sail, you can enjoy more visits.

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Simple Polish Change

Instead of getting a full-blown manicure with cuticle treatments and hand massage, just opt for a polish change every now and then to save some cash. Even though you aren’t getting the full experience, you’re still having some nail treatment done and you get to have some of the fun salon experience without the bigger cost.


Find a Hidden Gem

If you are the kind of person that likes to have a manicure maybe twice a week, then it would be worth shopping around and finding a salon that might not be one of the best known but that does a great job. The cost of nail treatments can be excessive, especially at the types of salons that have a customer base based on brand name alone. There are plenty of excellent independently own salons that will offer you better prices and equally great service.


Use Coupons

One way to save money at the nail salon is to do an Internet search of all of your local establishments to see if any of them are running any current offers or discounts with online coupons and other similar promotions. The nail beauty industry is becoming more and more popular and this means that there is more competition between salons, which is great for customers because they will compete for business by offering better prices. It’s your job to scope out the best deals!


Pick a ¾ Full Bottle

When choosing your color, always opt for a bottle that looks like it is ¾ or more full. By doing this, you are ensuring that you are being given a relatively new bottle from the shelf, and therefore your manicure will last longer because you know you are not getting treated with an old or thickening product. Also, if you really want to make sure that it hasn’t been tampered with, you can always ask for a brand new bottle of polish.


Bring Your Own

You might not like the idea because you think it makes you look cheap, but hey, when times are tough there is no shame in pinching the pennies at the nail salon! Bringing your own polish to be applied not only saves you money but it also means that you know it won’t have been thinned out, and you can easily touch your nails up at home when you need because you have the exact color sitting there on your dresser.


Mani/Pedi Package

Lots of salons offer a mani/pedi package that gives you a significant saving on both treatments, so even if you only wanted to have one treatment done, it makes sense to go for the package and save some money in the bigger scheme of things. Everybody loves the feeling of getting extra for their cash!


Consider the Tip

Always think about the tip that you are obliged to give and add it in your mind to the cost of the treatment you want. If the tip is going to take the total cost over the budget you have set yourself, then you might want to reconsider what you want to have done at the nail salon and figure out a treatment that if more affordable overall.

Do you visit the salon or are you a strictly DIY manicure gal?

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You should always tip 15-20'/.!!!! And yes, look for a fresh bottle of polish. In between pedicures I get a toe nail polish change. They still trim file and buff your nails. So much easier for them to paint toes& it lasts and looks neater if I do it! And it's only about $10 plus a $2-3 tip. Hairstylists too, you should tip 20'/.! They really appreciate the tip cuz a lot of stylist make an hourly or a commission and it's not that much $. Unless, you work in Hollywood or Vegas where it's $100 a haircut. If you can't afford it, plz do it yourself!

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