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Spread the Luck 50 Nail Designs for St. Patrick's Day ...

By Neecey

Green probably isn't always top of your color choices for your nails but St. Patrick's Day is a great occasion to make an exception. Make your girlfriends green with envy with some fantabulous nail art for St. Patrick's Day.

1 Green and Gold

nail polish, nail, nail care, finger, hand,Source:

2 Dark Green

green, nail, nail polish, finger, nail care,

3 Shapely Accents

finger, nail, hand, hand model, nail care,

4 Tip off

nail, finger, hand, nail care, manicure,

5 Glittery Shamrock

Glittery ShamrockSource: Instagram photo by @majikbeenz (Nicole) ...

6 5 Changes

5 ChangesSource: Facebook

7 Lucky Clover Accents

Lucky Clover AccentsSource: Precious Phan♥

8 Single Rainbow Tip

Single Rainbow TipSource: Whoa "Nail-y"!!

9 Dark Shamrocks

Dark ShamrocksSource: Hot Spring Nail Art Ideas

10 With Dots

With DotsSource: Precious Phan♥

11 All Different

All DifferentSource: 20 Super Fun St. Patrick's ...

12 With Gold and Leprechaun Hat

With Gold and Leprechaun HatSource: St. Patrick's Day Nails

13 Rainbows

RainbowsSource: 20 Super Fun St. Patrick's ...

14 Green Plaid

Green PlaidSource: Log in — Instagram

15 Shamrocks and Dots

Shamrocks and DotsSource: St,Patrick's Day nail design - ...

16 Simple Stripe

Simple StripeSource: Nails, Hair & Clothes I ...

17 White Accent

White AccentSource: Log in — Instagram

18 Glittery Tips

Glittery TipsSource: fingernail polish

19 Four Leaf Clover Water Marble

Four Leaf Clover Water MarbleSource: Easy Water Marble Nail Art ...

20 Gold Glitter Accent

Gold Glitter AccentSource: Lips, Hips and Fashion Tips!

21 Rainbow and Lucky Clover

Rainbow and Lucky CloverSource: Gelousy Nailz

22 Allsorts

AllsortsSource: Nails

23 Geometric

GeometricSource: Chloe's Nails

24 Celtic Motif

Celtic MotifSource: Beautopia Shows Off a St. ...

25 Gem Accent

Gem AccentSource: Nails

26 Dotty Tips

Dotty TipsSource: Nails

27 Fingers and Toes

Fingers and ToesSource: Nail Art

28 Dotty Detail

Dotty DetailSource: My Nails

29 Gold Glitter

Gold GlitterSource: Pot of Gold

30 Celtic Swirls

Celtic SwirlsSource: steffels.: KOTD NYX Girls Luscious ...

31 Flag Colors

Flag ColorsSource: In style party favors

32 Kiss Me. I'm Irish!

Kiss Me. I'm Irish!Source: Kiss Me - I'm Irish ...

33 Green and White and Gold

Green and White and GoldSource: Log in — Instagram

34 Green and Gold Pin Marble

Green and Gold Pin MarbleSource: heartNAT24

35 Luster Lacquer

Luster LacquerSource: Luster Lacquer: Happy St. Patrick's ...

36 ST Patrick's Day Minions

ST Patrick's Day MinionsSource: Log in — Instagram

37 Hearts

HeartsSource: Lucky Hearts St. Patrick's Day ...

38 Pot of Gold

Pot of GoldSource: PiggieLuv: St. Patrick's Day nail ...

39 Fly the Flag

Fly the FlagSource: 旅行好きなら株主優待券で少しでもお得な旅をしよう!

40 Emerald Tips

Emerald TipsSource: Chloe's Nails: Morning guys!!! I'm ...

41 Shamrock Accent

Shamrock AccentSource: Nail Art: St. Patrick’s Day ...

42 Glitter Ombré

Glitter OmbréSource: 5 DIY St. Patrick's Day ...

43 Lucky Horseshoe and Clover

Lucky Horseshoe and CloverSource: Angel Style (Lucky horseshoe and ...

44 Leprechaun and Celtic Plaid

Leprechaun and Celtic PlaidSource: Super Fun Nail Designs For ...

45 Celtic Abstract

Celtic AbstractSource: INK361 - The Instagram web ...

46 St. Patrick’s Day Floral Beauty

St. Patrick’s Day Floral BeautySource: St. Patrick's Day Floral Design ...

47 St. Patrick's Day Nails

St. Patrick's Day NailsSource:

48 At. Patrick's Day Luck

At. Patrick's Day LuckSource: St Patricks Day Nail Designs

49 Heart Stud Four Leaf Clover

Heart Stud Four Leaf CloverSource: Instagram photo by @majikbeenz (Nicole) ...

50 Flag Accent

Flag AccentSource: St Patricks Day Nails - ...

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