The Best Toe Nail Art to Wear with Your Flip Flops ...


It's finally time for you to pack away your snow boots and start breaking out your flip flops and sandals. You know what that means? You need to start painting your toenails again, because they're going to be in full view! If you'd like some fun new ideas to try, here are a few of the best pieces of toe nail art to wear with your flip flops:

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Bright Pink Nails

In order to create this look, you should start ouf by painting your nails a solid shade, like bright pink. Once you do that, you can start creating the design! You can try doing what the woman in this video did, by grabbing a tool, dipping it in white paint, and then resting it on your toenail. Creating a fun design in that simple!


Divided Nails

This video shows you how to create two different designs that you could place on your toenails! To start off the first design, you should apply two coats of white polish to your nails. Then you should take a thin piece of tape and place it onto the center of your nails. That way, you can paint half of your nail one color and leave the other as white. After that, you can make your nails even prettier by adding polka dots.


Black Floral Nails

This piece of nail art looks advanced, but anyone with a brush would be able to do it! You're going to start by painting your nails a solid black color and letting it dry. Then you should use a brush to create a flower petal with white and purple polish. After that's finished, you can grab some green polish and add on the leaves. The last step is adding a few white dots to fill in the blank space!


Wave Design

You should start by applying a clear coat of polish on your nails. While you're doing this, you should use a toe separator, so that your nails don't end up hitting into your skin and getting polish all over the place. In order to start creating the actual design, paint your nails a solid red color. Then add a nail stencil and paint over the exposed areas with white polish!


Glitter Nails

For this style, you're going to start by applying a solid color to your nails. After that, you should add a top coat, sprinkle some black glitter at the base of your nail, and then clear the excess away. Then you should put some white polish on a paintbrush to add the lines over your nails and you're all finished!


Shattered Glass Nail Art

In order to create shattered glass nails, you're going to grab some foil from a chocolate bar and cut it apart. Once you have enough tiny triangles, then you're going to adhere them to your nails. Once you're all finished, add a top coat!


Three More Designs

This video shows you three more designs you can easily create! For the first design, you should paint your nails a solid color, and then drag a striper from the corner of your toe to the center of your nail in as many different colors as you'd like. For the second design, you'll use a dotting tool to create flowers. And for the last design, you'll use the same dotting tool to create dots all around your nail.

You can try all of these fun toenail art ideas this spring! What color are your toenails right now?

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